Story : Poverty Cannot Limit Love

Poverty is no limit for love

A very poor man lived with his wife.

One day, his wife, who had very long hair asked him to buy her a comb for her hair to grow well and to be well-groomed.

The man felt very sorry and said no. He explained that he did not even have enough money to fix the strap of his watch he had just broken. She did not insist on her request.

The man went to work and passed by a watch shop, sold his damaged watch at a low price and went to buy a comb for his wife. He came home in the evening with the comb in his hand ready to give to his wife.

He was surprised when he saw his wife with a very short haircut.

She had sold her hair and was holding a new watch band.

Tears flowed simultaneously from their eyes, not for the futility of their actions, but for the reciprocity of their love.

Courtesy and Credits: Unknown Author

Write for Children in 12 Languages

You may see child labour is not a serious issue or you may choose to presume that child labour happens only in movies. Because it is not happening anywhere in your circle. If you think like that then it is time now to wake up.

The very product you use, the food you eat or the brand you feel proud of using may have some children’s tears behind. There are millions of child labours and hundreds of them are being saved by eminent social workers like Kailash Satyarthi and organisations like child helpline in India.

Worldwide this is a serious issue which demands our attention. You may ask “what can I do to make a difference?”

Believe me, concerning about them is the first step of any possible big changes. There are many organisations who are working passionately to eradicate child labour, you can join them, donate for them and help them to continue what they are doing. You can be a Volunteer if you wish to get involved directly.

Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Closing your eyes doesn’t mean that nothing happens around you. Watch the documentary to understand what happens actually, which is just a sample of what is happening.

Be concerned. Do something what you can than doing nothing.

Write for Children:

VLH Version 2-002Voice of Little Hearts – is our project to bring out the feelings of children in India. We will be publishing this book in 12 languages and provide this book free of cost to all children in India. We are trying to address ten key issues

  1. Sexual Abuse / Harassment
  2. Education System / Career Pressure
  3. Child Labour / Child Trafficking / Rights Violation
  4. Parental Care / Family Violence / Neglect
  5. Poverty
  6. Healthcare / Nutrition
  7. Sex Education, Moral Values
  8. Rural / Urban Issues
  9. Psychological Needs
  10. Social Pressure / Discrimination

Why are we doing this? 

To increase the awareness in the society about the importance of Children. We should treat them as our gifts, our future and ensure we care for them.

To help the children in need. Specifically the children who live normal lives but facing serious issues.

To create a community of people who are caring for children at root level in your locality so that this process will keep on going.

What can you do?

Write for the children: If you know any kid who has been victimised by any of the above 10 issues, please write on behalf of the kid. You can find more instructions here 

If you are an expert / activist you can join our Leader Panel to help the kids by guiding the children / parents / society.

Open Invitation : Join us for Millions of Children : Voice of Little Hearts

A real change is possible only when the change begins at the roots; our children are the roots of the world’s future.

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At this very moment somewhere in the world there are organisations and people working their souls for the betterment of the society. Be it the UNESCO or some random human, the world knows the worth of our children. The world knows that they are the future. Organisations are working round the clock around the globe. Yet the issues faced by our children remain an unsolved mystery. The statistics still shows the numbers against the well-being of our children, irrespective of whatever measures been taken for them. The top ten issues faced by the children globally are listed as below (source listverse)

Violence through Indoctrination, Poverty, Life as refugees, Lack of Access to Education, Child Neglect, Child labour, Child prostitution, Child pornography, Trafficking and slavery, and Military use of Children.

This list above is based on the perspective of our society on children’s issues. ie what our society views as problems faced by children. This, of course will vary from country to country. If Military use of children is the top problem in the middle east, child prostitution would be the major problem in Southeast Asian countries. So the preventive measures and the strategies should be customized according to the needs of the children in their respective society.

As noted earlier, the problems are seen in the perspective of the society. We are missing a point actually there itself. What about the perspective of the children? If they make a list of 10 problems the face, what would be that? We need not be surprised if their list has “Mommy not allows chocolates”. They may not be matured enough to foresee their future as we elders do. But when we find solutions to their problems we should also see the solutions from their perspective. How effective our solutions are reaching them.

For example, When a toddler suffers from poverty, providing food would be an enough solution for that time being. But when a teenage kid suffers from poverty, just providing food is not the solution, also educating about the poverty and sustainable ways to overcome it becomes a part of the solution. We also need to care about how they receive our ideologies of poverty and methods we suggest to them to overcome it. Because children with developed / developing consciousness are not just robots to follow our instructions. Though we are doing good deeds for them, it is equally our responsibility to ensure that it reaches them effectively.

Overall, we insist on three major point precisely.

1. Understand problems from children’s perspective
2. Work on grass-root level and ensure our efforts benefits the children
3. Create a network and a model that is self-sustained.

Voice of Little Hearts

VLH sample TEMPWe taglined the project “This could be your child’s voice” which says it all. We are going to address issues faced by children in India. So the priority of the issues may vary from the global context. We have a list of issues faced by children in Indian scenario and that will be covered. The project focuses on adhering to the three points listed above. ie. To address issues faced by children by understanding in their perspective, VLH will reach children direct and discuss their problems individually along with their ecosystem and this project will create a network of volunteers, a working model which will keep going.

So how VLH is going to work?

Overview: VLH will begin as a publishing project, then reach children across India as a community that cares for them and will continue to evolve as a supportive system for the children directly.

Project Preview: The core team of VLH will have members from Propel Steps, Writers and Activists who works for Children. Based on the core team’s inputs 12 wings (teams) will work on writing in twelve languages. Each wing will have it’s Lead(s), Editors, Translators, Writers and Project Coordinators. Each wing will collaborate with one another. The core team will ensure the overall development of the project and support all the wings. The individual responsibilities will be communicated later after the individuals joining the project.

Once the book is completed, it will be released simultaneously in 12 languages across the country and the globe. We Propel Steps and the core team will ensure to avail the books free of cost for children across India with the support of local NGOs and Sponsorships. The distribution of VLH to children will happen via planned events and workshops (the details will be communicated at the later stages of the project)

For Propel Steps, this is a non-profit project. However, considering the huge costs involved regionally we may tie-up with various publishers to release the book for general readers and parents community. The profit earned via sales will be majorly used for the events associated with VLH and the royalties will go to the respective wings. We Propel Steps would just remain as the founder of this initiative and seek no remunerative returns. However will hold the accountability to ensure the project is used for its purpose and the children get benefitted continuously.

What can you do now?

We have no hidden secrets as we have made the project plan very transparent. All you need to do is Think. Think of where you can be a part of this project and what role you want to play in this. You can be writer, a translator, a social media promoter, a project coordinator, a PR or a NGO who can be part of this project, a publisher who wants to publish this project, a school who wants to be associated in this project. Overall we need your support and we value it. We will deliver and ensure every ounce of your efforts are converted into smiles of some random child. That could be your child also. 🙂

So Join us.

Get in touch now by joining our Facebook Group here.

Contact or +91 72000 48566 for more details and to discuss your queries / interest.

Powerful Quote #178 : Simplicity @ Society’s View


If you wish to talk about simplicity, get richer first!

Ironic, but true. Else the society will call it as Poverty.

– Din

Write and feed a child for an Year #1

Write and feed a child for an Year #1 : Money and Poverty vs Education and Children

I would like to begin this with an expert “As per UN reports, about 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes. This is one person every four seconds. Most of the victims are children.”

My first question to you, yes the one who reads this. “Have you ever been hungry?” may be when you skip a meal or your breakfast. Some worst cases you might have missed food a day or more, which would be an unlikely experience that you ever had.

So how does it feel to die without food? Horrible isn’t it. It is the cruelest way to die I would say to starve till death.

Another shocking information, it is not that we do not have enough food in this world to feed those who die of starvation. It is a social and economic stipulation which stops them from accessing the food.

The most important reason is MONEY. We need money to buy anything and everything to eat. Those who have less money are prone to hunger. We call it poverty. Hopefully, we all may know who are poor and who are rich! Because they do not live in a second world or in Mars. They live right beside us in our neighbourhood.

But why we do not think about them? Why are not we helping them?


You may counter me with a “NO” But if we are helping them really then why there are poor people still who die without food? So logically we are either not helping them at all or our helps are not helping them actually.

When you spot someone poor, the immediate recovery solution is money. We can help them with some money to buy some food. What’s next?

Shall we continue to help the one with a constant supply of money? Well, we may do if government grants us permission to print money on own. Even our bank balances are limited.

We need to create them opportunities to earn money. It is not a help that an individual can do but together we can do it. We need to build a system. Organisations like the UN and so many genuine NGOs are trying to do the same. However, still poverty exists.

Sadly, we are the very reason for that. As a society, we need to make so many radical changes in our routine way of living and perspective about life.

I can keep talking about the reasons and why and how this system works and leads to poverty, which I am not going to do. Because whatever I may share, you already knew it. Something is wrong with our system, which we need to correct.

But where that change begins? The change begins with learning. i.e. Education. More we understand our system of life with an intention to remodel it effectively and aim for a better society, more changes we can inculcate.

Who need to be educated? Not everyone actually. The prime focus should be on the younger generation. Children needs proper education. A proper education means not just attending the mark factories to get a job and to do the same old mistakes what we are doing now! They need an education for life. To bring a change to this world. To invent an alternate for this money-centric world. This a different topic which I will write later in detail. Now the actual problem is, not all our children get access to education.

Reason – Again Poverty – Money. The cycle remains the same. What is the immediate antidote for those kids who were sent to work instead of schools? They need monetary help as step 1.

Once they get education, it is a well-known fact that they will eradicate poverty from their respective families. Maybe we need to help a generation with direct money, till they get their opportunity to stand on their own.

Organisations like Akshayapatra are doing the same, with monetary help to kids to get their food. Though various state and national governments. also doing such food schemes, still nothing wrong to reach out more kids, who are still missing the radar of rescue of the Govt.

Even for writing this post they’ve committed for helping a kid by donating food. Their purpose is not to gain popularity or raise funds via such posts, but to engage people and increase awareness of helping one another. So I am sharing this first post now. I will come up with four more posts as one can post a maximum of five posts in their blog.

If you are a blogger. Please post five posts and feed five kids. Your words may give them a smile. The change may not be radical, but we will be remembered as forefathers who had begun the change process.

- Din

One Blog post can feed a child for an year. So what are you waiting for.. Please do a post now with a tag #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.