Powerful Quote #143 : The Wall of Obstacle

Hit the wall of obstacle continuously, you may break the wall or your head for sure! The key is not how strong the wall is, but how strong your tool is, use brain to choose the right tool for breaking your obstacles; don't break your head! - Din

Powerful Quote #65 : Problem Solving

There exists no problem unsolvable, when you truly want to solve the problem. Ignoring is no bliss! - Words by Din Related articles Unsolvable (frugal2free.typepad.com) Problem Solving (kendrameltzer.wordpress.com) Ignorance might actually be bliss. (penpaperletters.wordpress.com) Every Problem Has a Solution (wallacephillipsblog.wordpress.com) Ignorance and Bliss (singledelight.wordpress.com) Problem Solving. Also, Hello. (umyouguys.wordpress.com) Settling Into Conflict (livingvipassana.com)

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