Education should unite not separate the nations. We learn history to know how stupidly we fought one another and not to repeat the same mistakes again. - Din

Powerful Quote #166 : Help Yourself, Keep Going

Even, if you do, the noblest thing to the society, there will be people who just keep on popping-up to find fault and criticize! When you shift your focus to convince them, you actually begin to deviate from your purpose. So, help yourself and keep going. - Din

Every chasing has an action, so let our ambition also have some. - Din

Five Thoughts for You : The Differences

Differentiate Success and Failure : Attitude Differentiate Good and Bad           : Happiness Differentiate Love and Hate          : Peace of Mind Differentiate God and Evil             : Selflessness Differentiate Life and Death          : Purpose Words by Din

A Humble Thanks

I see no religions but Peace and Love I see no races but Compassion and Empathy I see no differences but Soul and Spirit I see names but the God remains same in Virtues I see prayers but the Purpose remains same in Values I see humans but the Hearts remains same in Warmth Lets... Continue Reading →

Dream Thieves : Go Go.. Keep Going..

I remember as a small child when we would have these gatherings with either family or friends. Invariably someone would come up and mention my "cuteness" and ask, "What are you going to be when you grow up?"  Well, it started out being a cowboy or some super hero. Later it was fireman, policeman, lawyer...... Continue Reading →

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