Snippet Thoughts : The logic of Discriminations!

I see the character as the only scale to differentiate one human being from another. Rest all are just a stupidity.

We are all one

Racial Discriminations

If you see the differences only on the basis of races, then you are one step behind to understand that we are all the same. Thousands of thousand years of evolution due to various climatic and environmental factors has altered us, in order to survive.

For example, if all humans are white, the won’t be any civilization near the equatorial line. We all knew that our origin was Africa, when we had separated ourselves from ape species we lost hair, and in order to survive the UV radiation from sun (African regions closer to Equatorial line) our early ancestors had to evolve dark skin to protect them from the sun. It was a chemical adaptation of our body happened over centuries.

Then as some of our ancestors moved towards European and Mongolian areas, they had to adapt to the cold weather and the need for dark skin had reduced because sunlight is less compared to Africa.

Then everything was history… we started spreading across the world settled at various parts of the world and our bodies developed static features. What we call now as various races.

If we switch all black Africans to Europe and Europeans to Africa, in a few thousand years, we will see Black people turn White and vice versa.

So logically, it is a stupidity to do racial discriminations.

Religious Discriminations

The history of religions also evolved along with human evolution. Geographical factors and Leadership factors would have played an important role in determining the features and powers of Gods.

Kings were the ones who had decided what kind of belief in what kind of God that the people should have, under their control. Some kings considered themselves as Gods, so the people followed. After a time period, they just did a blind worship of the first king who had been regarded as God. Thus, it gave shape to religions.

What about the Real God? When the spiritual consciousness of humans started to evolve and the more we began to believe in love and harmony. Our ancestors would have felt the real GOD as a symbol of love and peace. Then the refining processes would have started. That was, overthrowing of King Gods, leading to chaos and confusion.

But the ultimatum of violence and rage is always peace and love. The natural destiny of our soul. Then people would have realized and believed the real GOD.

Real GOD also had own challenges, we humans are suspecting species, and when left uncontrolled we tend to become evil and selfish. So, more variations to religions happened. Some religions had centre of control based on fear, some religions had it based on customs. Stricter rules and procedures had arrived. Obviously every process demanded a name for it for easy identification.

So we are here now with our world religions, still refining and defining GOD according to our own terms. 🙂

Remember, our roots would lead us to the same source. Peace and Love. Then why we should discriminate one another based on Religions? Stupidity isn’t it?

Nationality Discrimination

This is the most recent form of discrimination and people often confuse it with patriotism. It is nothing but sign of superiority complex and a mean to express who controls whom.

Ever since, borders are drawn economies bloomed, we got our differences growing. Nationalities are even complex when it has elements of Religious and Racist discriminations attached to their culture.

If you look at happy countries, they are secular and almost got rid of any kind of discrimination. Even they would feel positively proud of their nationality but not attached to it as an extremist. They go around with people of other nationalities so easily.

All countries must move in this direction either directly or indirectly.

If you are someone who feels so proud of belonging to some nation before being a proud human, then you need to think and switch the order of pride.

Last but not least, the worst form of Discrimination is

CASTE Discrimination

All it started as a classification humans based on their occupation, then caste system coupled with religions, it has pushed humanity backwards from positive progress.

Cultures associated with the castes, eating habits also widened the gap between people. We forgot the fact that we are after all individuals and can choose our culture based on our comfort and logical sense.

Now, everyone does every job, anybody can learn anything. So fundamental blocks of Casteism had become void and meaningless. We are in no need of castes.

Casteism is an ultimate stupidity and backward thinking. If you are a believer of the castes and if you feel it is necessary, then you are driving the wrong side. Some day in future, you must take a U-turn. Better you take the U-turn now.

Overall. We must feel Humans with no discriminations. Then only we can sustain as a species. We are travelling in a positive direction. Observe history… Trend is towards universal love and peace… Extremists are slowly expelled and seen as a sign of shame.

It’s time for a change! Upgrade yourselves 🙂

 – Din

Add Colours to life, look beyond what our eyes can see :)


Image Courtesy : Street art By David Walker

Colours – The Mysteries around us. Spreading across a huge spectrum, everything in our world has colours to it. Flowers, trees, skies, seas, animals, soils and anything that we can see has colours. Imagine what if the world goes monochrome! Or colourless. That would be the beginning of the collapse, maybe.

How we see colours needs a bit education about the optic study of our eyes and how it works with the brain to see the colours.

Colour is actually just reflected wavelengths of light. The white light is all the colours together and black is no light at all. We see different colours because there are different wavelengths of light and our eyes are able to see a broad range of them. When we see the other colours what is basically happening is the object is absorbing all the colours (wavelengths) except for the colour we see. For instance, a blue object looks blue because it absorbs all the light except for the blue light. To us, it looks blue. And also it can happen only if our brain can interpret the respective wavelength as blue.

For instance the blue what I see may not be the same blue you see, we will have slight variation according to our individual brain’s capability. However we humans have a common range of colours that we can see. An interesting fact is except for mammals like Apes, Monkeys and Chips other animals cannot see the colours same as what we see. That means they can see only a few colour differences. See the chart below.

CEPHALOPODS (octopi and squids) BLUE ONLY
MAMMALS (primates-apes and chimps) SAME AS HUMANS
MAMMALS (African monkeys) SAME AS HUMANS
MAMMALS (South American monkeys) CAN’T SEE RED WELL

This infers a great insight to all of us that in reality there are no Brown, white or black among races in people exists. This is the fact. White people are white because their skin tone absorbs all other wavelengths than white, black people are black because their skin tone absorbs all other wavelengths than black, same happens to brown or whatever colour tone people has. So what is the original colour? Black people are not black in real, white people are not white in real, Brown are not brown in real. Well our colours do not exist at all and nobody can say it. The colours will change if our brain’s capability to read the wavelength changes. 

That might be the reason why all animals see humans as a single creature without any partiality for races and colours. Our pets love us whether we are black or brown or white. They feel us the same.

We have a unique gifted ability to read millions of colours. We can see the rainbows, we can see the parakeet’s beautiful feathers, we can the waterfalls divine white, we can see the underwater so deep and what else left for us to blame that we cannot see? Almost nothing.

Animals can see less that might be why they feel more and appreciate more, we can see more but we are feeling less than what we should have been. We can do wonders if we ignore our differences by races, colours, religions, nationalities and whatever it splits us. We can unify ourselves as just humans. We can see what the rest of the millions of the species on the earth cannot see, even we have grown far intelligent to see what nature has not allowed us to see, we have microscopes to see the smallest. Telescopes to see the farthest, infra-red views to see through the dark but all we need is to open our soul to see the things which are so close to us.

We cannot defy ourselves for a long time, at some point we need to unify as humans stop fighting, cheating and behaving selfishly. Why not we do it when the clock is ticking NOW?

-Words by Din