Children never discriminate one another, until they learn that from elders! Just shield one generation from evil thoughts! We can see the bloom of a Beautiful World. -Din

Video : Shopping while Black, Stand up Against Racism

"Shopping while black" is a phrase commonly used for the type of marketplace discrimination that is also called "consumer racial profiling", "consumer racism" or "racial profiling in a retail setting". Shopping while black describes the experience of being denied service or given poor service because one is black. This Social Experiment shows how people reacts to it.... Continue Reading →

Must read Anti-War Speech : Mike Prysner

The following speech was by Michael Prysner who talked about War and reveals the truth behind the wars. It was a dated old speech (2008) yet it has the message for humanity all time. With courtesy to Oriental Review we are sharing the same here. Michael said “I tried hard to be proud of my service, but... Continue Reading →

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