Story : 47°C

47 Degrees Celsius

47°C, heat literally sucked away his energy. 1Km distance seemed like a marathon, when he reached the hotel for lunch.

A fresher, a small company, an unknown city, a rude boss and all the donkey works with no choice were the cursing ingredients of his life.

“Meals? 60 Rupees! No money? Then get out” the man at the billing table shouted at an old lady.

He looked at his purse – exactly 60 rupees and some coins.

He bought a meal token and gave to her. She reluctantly accepted.

He smiled and continued walking, the ATM was just three kilometers away.

- Din

Kudos : ‘Beggars – Not any more’ – Kids Restoring Lives

Beggar no more

When everyone just offered alms to that man in a dirty costume, a group of thirteen 11th Grade kids decided to offer him a way to live. Now Naagar is no more a beggar, but a Chocolate seller in front of their school.

They spotted him begging near their school in Chennai, every day for almost three months and they came up with a generous idea to help him believe in himself and earn his living rather begging.

Not just Naagar, the kids have restored lives of 30 odd people and gave a new meaning to their lives. All just because of one impact, they saw a couple of kids begging on the streets and determined to get into the action.

We should appreciate the kids, but not stop just there. Learn from them and we should also help deserving people.

Deserving? Yes.

On the other side, if you or your kids want to help someone like this, just ensure you are helping the right person, because there are a few culprits who may use our kindness to harbour their need for drugs / alcohol / smoking weed. There is also a trail of gangsters behind organized begging. It is always better you do help as a group or representing an organisation with elders guidance. Helping should not hurt the beautiful souls. 🙂

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Blank Space : Write Your Inspiring Moment, Get Published.


Our life is full of moments, moments may be hard to pass through, but it will be followed by another moment which will be full of happiness. What happens in between the two moments is the Inspiration for life.

That Inspiration always helped us on our jobs, a marathon run, cooking a recipe, our love, friendship, hated school grades, interviews, a random act of kindness, about poverty, about family reunion, a thrilling live saving encounter, on failure, on success… etc.. The moments of inspirations are endless. Everyone of us will have a story to tell, a story of inspiration from our lives.

NOW it the time always on our clock. So take a few minutes to write those inspiring moments as a short story. We will publish it on our book Blank Space. We will ensure it leaves a positive impact on many and touch lives. We believe in you. (you can send your previous works from your blog also, but before that please get in touch with us to get the detailed information for better understanding)

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Blank SpaceWe cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work “Blank Space” – An anthology-styled book series.

As the title says a ‘Blank Space’ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ‘Volume 1′ of ‘Blank Space’ will emphasize on Short Stories that are ‘Filled with inspiration’

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Love All & Hate None

kindnessI have seen some extremes of living in my life so far. There were people who spend thousands of bucks for a miniscule bottle of perfume. There were people who sweat in the scorching sun for a 100 Rupee note. Farmers with a dream of sending their kids to those multi-floored colleges in the next town. Rocking youth who enjoys their life to the fullest with loud DJ music and glittering laser lights. Witnessed some activists fighting for a cause with a lot of hope and some black sheep among them trying to make a living out of it also. Some people living happy with their family caring just about themselves, though they never cause any harm to others.

People are out there in all wavelengths of this spectrum. Something causes pain in me to see good people suffer, when some children long for simple things, while some pet dog in some country lives a five star life. It is no communism, but a thought. Why don’t I turn a magician to give those children, their wishes, probably at least some toys they wish to cuddle and sleep. Like an invisible man, why don’t I walk in and give them like a beautiful magic.

To give some tastiest food in the world to an old couple who starve for some food with love. May I go like a magic and feed them like their beloved one. Sometimes I feel so bad about money, sometimes I feel why not replace it with something called LOVE and fill the bank lockers with LOVE instead of money. 🙂

I know I am blabbering some nonsense. Yet life is a beautiful mystery, when we try to explain it, probably everyone will blabber like me 🙂

But I’ve learned one thing so simple. Love all and Hate none. Help your neighbour wherever you are.

- Words by Din

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Story : Gift Some Love

Gift some Love

“Hey, this will look awesome for you” he showed that lovely Knee Length Pink frock with flowers to her.

“Look what I have selected for you!” she presented to him that cute Pants with braces in excitement.

The twins have chosen dresses for each other from that large pile of donated clothes. They both are happy after a long time, as their parents are no more to gift a new dress for their birthday.

Their smiles worth a billion thanks to some unknown kind human being.  

Moral: No matter how big or small, nothing is more valuable than that one random act of kindness & love which bring those beautiful smiles in others.

- Words by Din