Must Read : Juvenile + Rapist + Punishment = ?

Yet another post on Rape! Yet another cribbing! But new angles to see.


Logically, The Capital Punishment is regarded as a last judgement for people whom we think there is no amendment possible after confirming their heinous act(s). Many of us regard rape as such a crime, which deserves Capital Punishment.

What if the criminal is a Juvenile? Here are a few points to think on

  • He may be juvenile by age, but not by physical maturity to commit that crime.
  • Moral awareness level would be lower to such juvenile criminals, whom to blame? himself / his parents / society around him?
  • Capital Punishment is a revenge in crude term. Obvious the victim needs justice and some law to take that revenge.
  • Many of us regard forgiving, Rehabilitation, Other than capital punishments as toothless justice by many.
  • When adults are sentenced to capital punishment, why not the same for a juvenile who is an adult enough physically to commit a rape?

Actually how the victim feels after such incident, if not get killed!

  • Everyone feels pity / sad for her, some society may see her entirely with different eyes. She need to face such a world afterwards.
  • Psychologically, a recovery may take the life time. Nobody can assure this to the victim. From lack of trust to hatred will cling on to the victim’s mind.
  • Unless we were victimized, we can never explain the life after rape. So overall it is much painful than we imagine.

What about the Society?

  • Society as usual will react in its own terms. Everyone will pop up with their take on the issue. Discuss Solutions.
  • But rapes will keep on happening somewhere everyday! The society will repeat its process.

What about Laws?

  • Whenever a Law and order try to find a way to stop a crime, by punishments alone it fails over a period of Time.
  • Many relate rape laws of the Arabic world as the apt ones, but go and ask the women about their rights there. The story will be totally different.

The Roots of a Crime:

Any crime cannot happen unless the social system and it’s laws supports it. The Society organises the Rape! Hard to swallow? yes we have to accept it. Because rape is a morality failure. It fails to respect and value a fellow human being.

What cause the morals to fail?

So simple, wherever women are considered unequal and lesser than men; exploitation occurs. So we need to begin from square one, just as many noble persons say, start teaching our kids about valuing men and women equal. Initiate it from our home.

Awareness about sex and love need to explained to the younger generation without feeding the lust. But we feed the lust to the youth in every possible social media and wants our youth to stay cultured! How? You show women as sex objects, in fact, they are the very women who do it and urge to showcase them as sex objects! Not just media, I can list n number of factors which puts women in bad lights. Overall, the point is no crime can happen without the societies approval. We have approved rape indirectly.

When the basic system of Values and Morals is weak in youth, how can we expect them to see things in matured way? Ideally, if a youngster encounters an unconscious girl, maybe drunk, may be drugged, maybe hurt in an accident, may be in parda or revealing clothes, or maybe even naked!, he should try to take her to safety; protect her. This is what we all want right? High morality! No one wants that girl to get raped by that youngster!

So irrespective of dress codes, culture what we all want in unison is nothing but HUMANITY. It’s no feminism, it is not about much hyped women safety! It is the damn simple kindness to another soul. Why many are not doing it?

LACK OF VALUES. So the ball is in our courts now. Are you going to keep arguing about punishing the criminals? or take effective measures to increase the human values in each mind?

We need punishments for providing justice to the victims of the past and present. But to prevent the crime from happening in the future, we need reformation at grass root levels.


- Din

Courtesy : Written for Desire v/s Destiny via Indiblogger Prompt

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Any punishment goes meaningless when they do not account for a reformation.
Then what punishment could make sense for incorrigible criminals?

– Din