Somebody Called Salman Khan and Some Stupid People

Phunsuk Ramasamy has been jailed for drunk and drive, killing one innocent commuter. The Judgment was given on 4th May 2015, the accident happened on 31 Dec 2014.

So many ramasamy, kuppusamy, tom, dick, harry, ahmeds, davids and bangudus were been jailed for rash driving, drunk and driving and killing innocents. Don’t they deserve a punishment? Why our citizens have not reacted for them?

Now, somebody called ‪#‎Salmankhan‬ has been sentenced to be jailed and many are feeling sad for the judgment calling it unfair!! WTH is this!!! :/ The incident happened on 2002 BC sorry 2002 AD. And judgment has been given so instantly on 2015. Kudos to Indian legal loopholes.

Some blame the poor homeless for sleeping on a platform, comparing them to dogs. (yes seriously a celebrity tweeted this) I tell you “Platform is also not for driving Bhai sab!” It was their bad luck and had slept there, and Salman’s good luck he had not hit a fellow commuter vehicle. What if he had hit someone driving a bike? or an Audi or a Mercedes car by the same mistake as you call to back him? I wonder what would be your reaction! ‪#‎abhijeetsinger‬

kutta's tweet

Some other gentle human beings’ comments on twitter blaming the victims

kutta Farahkhan

For sure those who crib, do not know what is loss of a life. It could be our family member who went out of home and not returned. Victimized for an accident with no fault in his/her side.

So ‪#‎Shutup, stop‬ being so kind to him because he is an actor. If he had realized his mistake and do service to people, then it is his good nature as a human being. Let him decide on it. It is his personal redemption, he will take care of it. The Court has interrogated everything and given this judgment.

BTW he will approach higher courts to stretch the proceedings, bails, blah blahs.. Do not worry Salman Fans. He will get justice.
As on 1st march 2015, 61300* matters are pending on our Hon’ble Supreme court of India. 259 and 4403 positions are vacant in all the High courts and District & Subordinate Courts respectively.

Supreme Court


So instead of solving cases at the regional levels, at the place of the crime, we keep appealing to the higher courts. This shows lack of reliability and accountability on the justice served at regional courts? Or it shows when one has money they can stretch time as much as they want to escape justice.

Delayed justice is an injustice.

– Din

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MUST READ – Stay alert while you travel: True story of awareness!


A few days before I along with my family were travelling to our hometown for a marriage. It was a long night journey on a booked Cab and the clock ticked around 2 AM. When we arrived at a dark remote area, I have noticed a car probably met with an accident and seemed disfigured on the roadside. Roughly I could see a woman and a child bleeding heavily, but I am sure they were suffering.

“Have you seen that? Please stop the car” I urged the cab driver. But he turned off the music and drove the vehicle faster. I raised my voice “Look there were a kid and women bleeding to death, we should behave humane and this is not right to leave like this, are you going to stop or not?” this time I was a bit harsh on my sound. “Please calm down Sir, I know what to do!”, he said and increased the speed further.

car in darkSoon the cab went a distance and that accident site was out of my view. We entered even remote part route with heavy trees and bushes on either side, suddenly I felt something like a bird smashed on to our car’s front and the driver seems least bothered and drove speedier than before. Before my question about that, he turned off all the lights.

I and my family were scared to death and I slowly asked him “Why you are doing like this? Stop the car”. “I know what I am suppose to do and I will take you all where you suppose to go, please keep quiet”, he was a bit aggressive on the words this time and rushed on the maximum speed he can.

Soon the cab reached some outskirts of a small town and street lights came to our views. He has taken a turn to another way into the small town. “Hey are you taking us!” I was shouting and about to handle him physically, I was thinking to beat him and do anything to save my family. Suddenly he stopped the car near a building and ran. 

I got out slowly after waiting for a few mins and then I let out breathing. “We are near a police station, do not worry dear” I told my wife and my mind calmed down a bit. A policeman walked towards us and I was about to complain him about the driver, “You should thank the driver for saving your family, else we cannot say what might have happened to you!” said the policeman to my shock and asked us to get into the station. 

I saw the driver sitting in a chair speaking with some other policeman. Then the policeman started to explain me everything.

“Soon he got out of the car he notified about everything happened and whatever you seen on the road. We immediately asked our team to go to the accident spot you were concerned about and found nothing there, everything was a set up by robbers. They set up accident scenes especially with bleeding women and children so as to grab the soft hearted people to stop their vehicles and then rob everything. There is no assurance of the women’s safety who travel along with you. They may even kill you for stealing your valuables and kidnap the kids for trafficking. So he did not stop the car.

Later they attempted to throw eggs and keep the dead animal on your track so as to make you stop your vehicle. If he turned on your windshield wiper you would have lost road view and has to stop the car, because eggs create white layer and blocks the visibility. 

In order to keep you all not visible to the robbers he turned off the lights and drove fast…” As he was telling all these my heart beat increased and shocked.

“You need to thank the driver for not telling all these and scaring you while he drives which in fact will make him also tensed and lose sense of thinking, now you all are safe” said the policeman

We thanked the driver a lot and he just smiled. “It’s my responsibility to ensure your safety sir, I knew what I supposed to do, So I behaved like that, hope you won’t bother resuming the remaining journey with me? :)” he asked with a bit of fun. 

We thanked the police and resumed our journey too and reached our hometown safe.

– Words by Din

(This is not my own work, I just found this story shared on Facebook for awareness. Originally written in Tamil by some anonymous author, I have translated it for you all)

Hope this is useful and always beware of the plans what happening around. Especially when you encounter such incidents always inform the police first. If it seems like a set up, never get trapped. 

It is sad that the culprits use our kindness as our weakness. But the world has gone so bad like this. We need to ensure our safety and our family’s safety first. Please share this story with your friends and family.