Powerful Quote #167 : Corruption- Sign of Selfishness


The corruption in any country is nothing but a sign of selfish people who live there in the majority.

- Din

Culture viewed in Universal Perspective

Being modern or traditional in the culture is decided within one’s own mind. Rest all is just opinions and illusions.

IllusionThe roots of culture and traditions goes back to the history of evolution. The entire transition of humanity from a mere animal to critical thinking brains as we are today, is because of living practices we adapted from time to time.

Such living practices existed along with the ever passing time, we name them as cultures and traditions.

What is Modern for today will be tomorrow’s culture/taboo. Many of the yesterday’s cultures have become myth, superstitions and comedies. What we thought un-doable or unethical are taboos! At any given point of time, all these are mere perceptions either according to one person or a collective perspective of a society. Which is not created by the universe, but by our very own mankind.

We can understand this if we believe in a bigger fact called Universal Truth. More wider we think, magnify our thought-scale, more clearer we can see the big picture of human culture.

Different countries have different code of ethics and culture, the modernity levels vary according to their own scale. Take any example of your choice like marriage, drinking, beach culture, dining habits, dressing sense, work culture, politics, etc. You can see the difference and when we correlate it with the history, the truth will be exposed. Modernity varies and the conflicts between people for acceptance was always there! 

A simple process of one belief, seeking its approval from a majority of the people and it is attained either by will or driven by some forces like kings, wars, spiritualism, religion or fear of death, etc.

So this modernity is something which is highly unstable and temporary one. We cannot stop the change and cannot limit it to a particular direction. During the times of Sati and Wars to capture kingdoms, no one would have thought that culture will be replaced by Modern free lifestyles like Live-in relationships and Democracy, respectively. We didn’t know the same gods 1000s of years before! We do not know what gods we may worship after 1000 years from now! When we humans had discovered iron we cherished it in our culture, then we celebrated salt! Now we are going behind Gold, Money , etc. Wait for something to allure us in the future! 🙂

GreedThen what controls the Culture? or what controls the change? Would be a right way to ask this. The desire of human minds! As individuals we are constantly on a look out for something that keeps us in a comfort level. We humans never bend to the environment, instead we shape and alter the environment to suit our needs. Be it social environment or physical environment. We adapt actually by changing the culture (way of life) than changing ourselves in accordance with universal truth.

So are the problems and our constant wandering to find solutions for them. We are the creators!

One good thing is whatever we try, our human species cannot defy the universal truth and we are always under its terms and conditions. Like we cannot switch from inhaling oxygen to nitrogen or CO2. We cannot survive in a culture which exploits nature and other living beings to put us on top of the ladder.

You might feel this is more philosophical or spiritual way of looking things. Think again deep, it’s practical and psychological as well.

So it’s better to realize the change we can control when it comes to culture is totally limited only to our very own selves. We can control nothing beyond our nose, which all becomes external. Do not try to change the culture or the society, you can change yourself and influence it for a change you want! Culture keeps on changing.

ChangeEven that too will be a temporary one! So, take a back seat when it comes to culture and enjoy the ride as life brings with smile and acceptance. Do what is right for you within your own boundaries, when you include others into your wants, then you are obviously inviting their cultural acceptance or  a change, for your own wants! So from there onwards complexity begins! The old saying goes the same “What’s right for one may be wrong for another!”

Get along with people who are like minded and make life simple. Although ensure you are in sync with the universal truth, which provides you the message and hints towards the right path of life. Those hints are kindness, love, calmness, peace, compassion, simplicity, sustainability, happiness, letting go, etc. After all these thoughts too are my way of looking things, so the choice is yours. 🙂 Have a great time ahead.

- Din

Courtesy : This is my entry for the IndiSpire Prompt If you value your traditions and culture, you’re branded conservative. While modernity is judged by clothes rather than thoughts. What’s you take on this topic? posted by Gaurab

Thanks Gaurab and Inidblogger.

Powerful Quotes #161 : Deep-Rooted-Selfishness

Deep Rooted Selfishness

More deeper the roots, more stronger the trees. Our human society also has deep roots and we are stronger, the concern is not how deep our roots are, it is what our roots are!

“I” is the root of problems and
“We” is the root of solutions!
Now you know why humans do all nonsense!

- Din

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Selfishness is Good : The Hidden Secret !

Team_India_World_Cup_2011_Celebrations_2When our country wins a world cup match, be it Cricket or Soccer or any game, we all cherish when our respective nations win. We call ourselves patriots. 🙂 Well, we are! Of course. When our state wins a league or our IPL team wins, we cherish their victory too! Then we call ourselves as Fans! We are dedicated to where we belong, nothing wrong! 🙂 But face this also, we are selfish as well. We are selfish about our Nation! Think about the country which had lost! Those people are selfish about their country! 🙂

This is what we call as a collective-selfishness, a growth pattern of all civilized social groups of humans. More the civilization grows, the diameter of the collective circle will increase.  So all the patriots are selfish, but collectively selfish about their motherland! The timeline of our evolution will explain this in detail. 

We hunted as individuals, then a couple, then a family, then a group, then a village, rural town, city, province, country, continent… You can feel the degree of selfishness associated with each of these progressions. Animals mostly reached up to the stage of a group! That is the point we stood out from the animals. But we had complicated our grouping process with religions, castes, races etc. Thanks to those dead humans who had made those mistakes, because we are destined to learn from our mistakes.


So, what does this collective-selfishness symbolize? Well the feeling of Us – Ours is always on the rise. That’s the trend. It can never grow backwards! Long ago we occupied lands as nomads, then we created borders, fought numerous war to show the power to own, where still dogs and lions had peed to mark their territories, they do it still. But we are more civilized now, far wise with human rights and kindness holding key aspects of our lives. We no longer entertain any war explicitly over others’ lands.

Our selfishness is the key which brought us together and will guide us into the future. The key aspect is, not many of us realized this power of this collective-selfishness. So many of us are looking forward to go in the reverse direction to think just selfishly rather trying to expand our collective circle.

There will come a future where, no borders or no countries will exist. We may go as continents and then as one world-one humans. Our mother earth will force us to do it in the future! Her resources are planned in that way, our different culture point that direction, whether you see it spiritual or scientific, this will happen. The Unification. But that is at a long distance from now, we have a plenty of disputes and differences to settle. 🙂 So we will do all the stupid things to realize that we should not have done them and fought one another!

Then, We all will become more selfish for our Humans, our Animals and Our Earth! So if you are selfish about yourself, just expand it to your family, if you are selfish about your family, then expand it to your village, follow the sequence by expanding your selfish circle.

Circle of selfishness

I am already feeling collectively-selfish as my Earth, my Animals and my Humans. Wherever you are reading this now. I have tons of love and compassion for you, my fellow human. But, I am bound by what the majority of the world now believes as rules, regulations, borders, etc.  🙂 So I am bound by those rules, just as you. Else I would love to play cricket with you, you could teach me to swim and we can explore together how beautiful the Kashmir valley is! So wait for the future, my friend 🙂

Collective Selfishness

When someone talks about selfishness, remember and answer “Yes, I am Selfish, but collectively-selfish” Tell them this secret 😛

– Din

Story : Test for Selfish People

face in waterOnce there lived a sage who was enlightened. Many people approached him to become his disciple, but he never accepted all of them. But he accepted a few, based on a test. Yet he used to get promises from them that they should not reveal anything about the test to anyone, irrespective of whether they get selected or not. Due to the respect people had for him, they too never revealed the secret to anyone.

One day, a disciple approached him when he was alone and asked him “I know you made us look at the pond and selected us, may I know why a few of us got selected and many got rejected?”

The Sage replied “Since you asked I will answer you. On that day, when you had looked at the pond, what question did I asked you and what you have answered?”

The Disciple replied “” What is the first thing you see?’ was the question and ‘Fishes’ was my answer”.

“The ones whom I rejected answered that they had seen the reflection of their own face there! I know the water would reflect their faces, but when their mind was thinking all about them, they could see only their faces first but not the fishes! They are selfish centered people by nature.

Whoever cared for others and concerned about other creatures would have seen the fishes first. They are selfless people! So I selected them”

Adapted Story from fables