Haiku | Love #1

yin yang

Miracle love
Yin and Yang
You and I

Curse fate
You and I
Yin and Yang.

Love Miracles…


One Line Story : “Dump Me” – Seed

“If you want to dump someone in a pit? Please do it to me !

Not to someone who believes in you”, said a Seed

– Words by Din ( Inspired Thoughts )


Powerful Quote #52 : Rebuilding Trust

If because of one’s mistake you lost trust, then no one in the world is trustworthy, including yourself!
Like hope, one can rebuild trust as well!

-Words by Din


I Never Quit

I Never Quit  - Propelsteps

I Never Quit – Propelsteps

Am I looking at the past?

 The failures and missed opportunities

A prioritizing mistake, I didn’t rectified

 The sacrifices and stupidity

A boundless love, I still unable to kill

 The commitment and pains

A departed-you, I kept holding on


Am I looking at the future?

 The vision and society

A sure happening, I intuitively believe

 The peace and smile

A single wish, I love to possess

 The Soulmate and Love

A pining, I disbelieve happening again


Am I looking at the present?

The effort and endurance

A stage, I cumulate last ounces of my hope

The challenges and discouragements

A punch bag, I never lose to

The determinacy and dare

A boon, I earned in my attitude

What am I looking at?

The Past and the Future

I can’t live there now.

The Present is the Truth.

I am Living in the NOW

With my attitude!

I Never Quit

– Words by Din