Know : A Big List of Animal Sounds

Here is a big list of how we call the sounds of Animals in English. If you want to know how they call the sounds in any other language, please use this useful website What is Called Alligators hiss, grunt, roar, quak, Antelopes snort, Anteaters hrow, Badgers growl, Bats screech, Bears growl, groan, moan, roar, Bees... Continue Reading →

Know : Milk – Some Interesting facts

Cows - Nine out of every ten glasses of milk consumed by people come from cows. Water Buffalo - Water buffalo produce half of the milk consumed in India. Ghee, a kind of liquid butter, is made from water buffalo milk. Goat - Some people find goat's milk easier to digest than cow's milk. The fat globules in... Continue Reading →

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