Snippet Thoughts : Money is a Spoiled Brat of Human Parents

I would like to call money a spoiled brat of human parents.

When everyone wait in a queue money cries to jump the queue and it will get special premium entry to worship GOD.

When justice remains same for all on book, money cries and ensures justice remains only on books.

When a talented kid lacks the opportunity to learn in a good infrastructure, money cries and buys seats for donations.

When an ethical man follows any procedure, money cries and make him a fool by dealing under the table.

When people starve need help desperately, money cries and goes to hibernate on illegal bank accounts.

When a life is at stake in a hospital, money cries and plays business with death.

When a woman is cornered, money cries and pushes her into selling herself.

When humans earn for living, money cries and pushes them to live for money.

When morality gets sick, money cries and redefines immorality as morality.

At last When society got selfish and then also money cries. It wants them to be more greedy for possessing it.

Snippet Thoughts : I heard this! Trust me ;)

“It is an uncertain world here
Anytime our lives may end
A drop of Tsunami may wash us away!
An Ambush may walk on us!
We don’t know what tomorrow has for us!
Yet we always work for our purpose
We never had quit from our pursuit
Will never quit as well!
Hurry up! Voila, Brigades! “

Lo and Behold!
I heard this speech on a March
Ants are so similar to us humans!
Except that we Give up!
Trust me!

I heard them saying this! 😉

                                 – Words by Din


Snippet Thoughts : Being Happy


Snippet Thoughts: Happiness

Every one of us wants to be happy, always be happy! Isn’t it? How better we understood happiness? Sharing a few insights about happiness I found on some deep digging into its path, from where it comes and where it goes? How it forms? Etc

Happiness always Starts from inside

Happiness is just a reflection of our own thoughts what we sent inside our soul and get back (or) we send out side and get back. It starts from our soul, goes around and comes back. I detail the process as we go by.

Nobody can give you happiness

As I told earlier, happiness is something what we feel after doing something to others and how we perceive when someone does something to us.

Take a case if you are in a good mood and your friend comes to you and crack a joke, you will enjoy it and feel happy. The same friend if comes and would have cracked the same joke when you are angry for some reason, definitely you will not feel happy for the joke. In both cases the person and the activity remains the same but your thoughts / mood coverts it as happiness or annoying. It has nothing to do with your friend.

It’s always you who select the happiness

In any given situation the person who decides to be happy or not is only YOU, our level of acceptance to anything that happens around decides the result. If we can accept everything positive then it will result in happiness.

What is this Positive thought has to do with happiness?

Now there we can understand the happiness has everything to do within us and nothing to the world or others. So what happens? Most of the spiritual and psychological experts have talked about Positive energy / thoughts. What are they?

Anger, love, hate, depression, anxiety, forgiveness, revenge, honesty, lies, murder, helping, cruel, kind, compassion, empathy, adamant, egoist, hero, villain, helping, extremist, addiction….

Just you classify the above mentioned words to positive and negative list. Done? Obviously you will get the same as everyone. No one will put a murder and cruel in positive list.

Do you know why I have asked you to make this list? There exists something called universal moral. Irrespective of religion, race, personal values and everything we humans are naturally abide by some logical / rational justice. If I have asked you to kill a person who committed a crime which affected your life so much, will you take it positive or negative? Your answer will be so personal based on your value system / situation but not universal truth. That’s why I shot those words in random and tried to convince your belief in the existence of right and wrong  or positive and negative as universal truth / moral.

Now my job is done. Think once as deep as you can, whenever you cultivate a negative thought / feeling when someone does something to you, or you do something to others your mind will also reflect a negative reaction in the end which is obviously not happy.

Let me compress every detailing I have done before: Happiness is just your reaction to your thoughts what you have let out or your feelings to what you have perceived. It has nothing to do with others externally. So be happy 🙂

A case to apply this logic : Say, You are claiming a friend whom you thought true to you has betrayed you and you are sad, depressed about it. You may be angry at him too. This is not happiness. Obvious! List the feelings and actions involved in this Your thought of him being true : It’s your thoughts, but not his reality. He has shown his reality, Now what? Either he would have done it knowing your thoughts (trust) on him or without knowing it. In either case he has done with what he wanted to do. Accept or reject him as he is.You may claim: Its only you who claim you are not happy because of your feelings had hurt you. You had let your feeling to hurt but not him. He may be wrong if he knowingly did that, but that’s his nature which you don’t know. Now you knew it. So be aware.Betrayed, Sad, depressed, angry – Apply the universal moral perspective here all are negative elements so feeling like that never gives happiness.What can you do now? Take the opposite of all those Trust, Be happy, enthusiastic, be kind everything will turn around towards happiness.

This logic won’t work over night and but possible when we try to realize the logical truth in the words here.

Have a Happy life 🙂

Words by Din

Its Thoughts Everywhere

We feel the happiest people are always blessed with good luck, a deeper observation reveals a pattern of a positive attitude they have shown to the same kind of situations what every one of us also faced. That positive attitude expanded their opportunities as good lucks. Nothing specially designed to happen specifically to do with them.

The opposite of the same happens in case of people who are called as failures, more the negative attitude more the bad lucks perceived. 


In fact this is what happens in the pattern I intend to unveil, a certain level of efforts challenged by some difficulties and our reactions to it. All it matters is the way we perceive them either Positive or Negative, following that whatever happens are just a complete chain reaction.

A good thing is at any point of the chain reaction one can convert the negatives into positives.

Look at the path of the successful people or happiest people, we just find a pattern of good lucks they grabbed on time. Obviously they too might have had days of worries but the numbers will be less compared to the happy ones. They accessed more good lucks than others by making their vision open to see it first in order to grab it.

Whatever the thoughts are. They are powerful to influence an individual, his family, friends and social circle. A constructive thought or a destructive one, it influences those with similar ones. Unlike magnets, same poles attract when it comes to human minds. 

For instance, a criminal himself is mostly associated with peer criminals or people who want to gain advantage out of his criminal activity. A person who makes money on illegal ways is always accompanied by a group of people with similar earning mindsets.

A famous saying goes like this “Tell about your best friends, One can say about you”. How true is this!

Everything happens has a pattern if we look at them deep and wide. Everything starts from an individual’s thought process.

Thoughts are the roots. They are everywhere. Everything around us are the results of someone’s thoughts. More the similarities, they get attracted towards each other and gets bigger shapes and virutes. Eventually lead to build a support system around it. 

Politics, Societies, Culture, Science & Technology, Peace lovers, Terrorists, Religions etc.. Everything is the resultant factor of combination of thoughts.

So if you want to change the world, just change your thoughts. It is as simple as that. Now how small is being successful or happy is? Go ahead. What are we waiting for? Build positive thoughts and we can change the world by changing ourselves. 

– Words by Din

Let’s fill our Soul…

children world3

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Let’s be ready

Keep our soul filled
-With Love
-With Compassion
-With Strength
-With Rejoice

Let’s be ready
Always be ready

We do not know
When our soul’s door be knocked?
One Act of Kindness

Lets make a difference from within.
Let’s be ready

                                    – Words by Din