Documentary : ReGeneration

The huge and complex problems of today's generation often install doubt and fear that everything is futile. Yet by analyzing how the power of our media, schooling and parenting have molded us, we can start to comprehend what we must adjust - our generation and our culture. Studies show that the average family spends around... Continue Reading →

Powerful Quote #171 : A Wise Loser

A wise loser is a winner, but a selfish winner is a loser! When you work for a good social cause, even if you end up as the loser, it is better to be a loser who shared his/her knowledge with other aspirants, than being a winner who never shared his/her knowledge with them. - Din

Humanity : Counterattacking Discrimination

This is one intriguing as well as annoying incident happened in the Delhi Metro, shared by a Facebook user. He in fact was a fellow passenger who witnessed this and shared it with the world. Here it is in his words " This morning I saw a well-dressed senior citizen, wearing Ray-Ban sun glasses, who... Continue Reading →

We don't care about a great thought, if a common man makes it; but we fuss about some pointless words, if a celebrity makes it! We need to celebritize the Energizers more than the Entertainers for a better society! - Din

Go for what 'the success' is according to you, not to 'a success' that the society presumably dictates.

A Thought can Change #2

The Gap between the rich and poor is the simple reflection of a Society's fortune. Evidently those countries which have lesser gap, enjoys a happy life. Philosophically, it is the truth that crime arises from two places, one from where money is excessive beyond needs and another where there is no money available even for... Continue Reading →

It's all individuals who need to change, there is nothing called as a society; which is an imaginary representation of a group of individuals. Unfortunately, many individuals are selfish; so as the so called society.     Words by Din

Hard Truth You May Deny about Love

  Either you go without commitment or full commitment. Any love / marriage relationship entered with a thinking of break up / divorce as a future option; Is as equivalent to a cheap fake illicit affair.   It never sustains the inevitable thick and thin of life. Love is beautiful, only few minds are ugly.... Continue Reading →

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