Estranged Masterpiece


An Art never understands an artist’s feeling like the artist does!

Once upon a time there lived an artist, who drawn a beautiful painting. He regarded that as his masterpiece work, which carried all his dreams and love for arts. One day, miraculously the painting has become alive and admired it’s own beauty. Got pride about self more and the art decided, it deserves a better place to live and went to a rich man’s palace. The rich man hardly understood the art, but just kept it in his collections. The art realized the value of its creator, who understood it, admired it everyday with a smile and happiness inside him. But the time’s gone. The artist has given up his mind and cannot paint another masterpiece and passed his remaining days of his life.

There are many artists and paintings among us. Estranged: Parents, Friends, Beloved ones, Soulmates, Brothers, Sisters, etc. We forget who truly value us and get lured away by worldly things. But we realize it later when the time moves forward and exposes the reality. We let go like the artist or go away like the art.

Time to think and return to our beloved ones. Acceptance is the essence of life.

– Words by Din

Image Courtesy : Morteza Katouzian (See more of his arts here Amazing Arts and Artists : Paintings by Morteza Katouzian)

Powerful Quote #97 : True Companions

Your Path

Be it Flower Path
Or a Thorn Path
True companions never leave
But walk along with you

-Words by Din

Powerful Quote #87 : The Paradox of Trust and Betrayal

Emperor Penguin rejected by other Penguins

If you choose to be true to someone, always trust who is true to you. But it is a paradox, you cannot find who is true unless you trust them 100%. Let trusting be your character, if they choose to fool around you, let it be their character.

In the end you can walk with peace of mind, what they cannot. The guilt will always be there inside them. You may get hurt for being fooled, which will heal soon or later, but they will never get a true soul like you ever in their life. It’s Karma. Just let them go with a  smile and  pray.

-Words by Din

Love in true form with these Animals : Many humans miss it!


Swans symbolize purity and love. They also mate for life. When one partner dies, the other does not find another swan to mate with. They remain alone for as long as they live. They constantly show their love by bobbing their heads and bringing them together, making the space between them look like a heart.


The Kirk’s Dik-Dik doe-eyed antelope roam in groups and rarely stray. Researchers have found that the male species might stick around to cover his mate’s scent so that other male antelopes cannot track it. The female too, shows no interest in mating with males other than her partner.


For these Penguins, communication is the key to their love life. They are always seen with their partners and are only separated when they have to hunt or are faced with extreme winters. They spend time with other penguin couples and even take trips with their extended families!

Black Vulture

Black vultures are very serious about their mates. The couple hangs out together throughout the year and even share parenting duties. They then form a close-knit family within themselves. 

Powerful Quote #74 : Soul Mate

 Be it the success of a Woman or a Man, everyone needs a supportive soul mate by side to become successful ! 

– Words by Din

Powerful Quote #73

Powerful Quote #73