Know: ‘The Most Hated Tree’ in the World

There is no harmful living being in this earth and nature created everything with specific roles to play, in order to balance the ecosystem. But sometimes a few living beings can be regarded as harmful to some other species. Would you hate a tree which can grow in any extremely arid environment,¬†saline soil¬†and stay ever... Continue Reading →

Meerkat Classification and EvolutionThe Meerkat (also known as the Suricate) is a small species of foraging¬†mammal¬†that is found inhabiting the harsh conditions of the open and arid, semi-desert plains in southern¬†Africa. A member of the¬†Mongoose¬†family, Meerkats differ from the other 35¬†Mongoose¬†species in a number of ways with the biggest difference being that Meerkats are incredibly... Continue Reading →

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