Know : FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Facts

Totally 204 Countries across the world aimed for a spot to play the FIFA World Cup 2014, played 820 matches and scored 2350 Goals! Finally 32 countries made it to the Group Stages! No Wonder why Football has more fans around the globe.

 Group A
 Group B
 Group C
Côte d’Ivoire
 Group D
Costa Rica
 Group E
 Group F
Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Group G
 Group H
Korea Republic


Continent wise Qualified / Unqualified Teams

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  1. AlgeriaAlgeria
  2. CameroonCameroon
  3. Côte d'IvoireCôte d’Ivoire
  4. GhanaGhana
  5. NigeriaNigeria


  1. AngolaAngola
  2. BeninBenin
  3. BotswanaBotswana
  4. Burkina FasoBurkina Faso
  5. BurundiBurundi
  6. Cape Verde IslandsCape Verde Islands
  7. Central African RepublicCentral African Republic
  8. ChadChad
  9. ComorosComoros
  10. CongoCongo
  11. Congo DRCongo DR
  12. DjiboutiDjibouti
  13. EgyptEgypt
  14. Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea
  15. EritreaEritrea
  16. EthiopiaEthiopia
  17. GabonGabon
  18. GambiaGambia
  19. GuineaGuinea
  20. Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissau
  21. KenyaKenya
  22. LesothoLesotho
  23. LiberiaLiberia
  24. LibyaLibya
  25. MadagascarMadagascar
  26. MalawiMalawi
  27. MaliMali
  28. MauritiusMauritius
  29. MoroccoMorocco
  30. MozambiqueMozambique
  31. NamibiaNamibia
  32. NigerNiger
  33. RwandaRwanda
  34. Sao Tome e Principe Sao Tome e Principe
  35. SenegalSenegal
  36. SeychellesSeychelles
  37. Sierra LeoneSierra Leone
  38. SomaliaSomalia
  39. South AfricaSouth Africa
  40. SudanSudan
  41. SwazilandSwaziland
  42. TanzaniaTanzania
  43. TogoTogo
  44. TunisiaTunisia
  45. UgandaUganda
  46. ZambiaZambia
  47. ZimbabweZimbabwe



  1. AustraliaAustralia
  2. IranIran
  3. JapanJapan
  4. Korea RepublicKorea Republic


  1. AfghanistanAfghanistan
  2. BahrainBahrain
  3. BangladeshBangladesh
  4. CambodiaCambodia
  5. China PRChina PR
  6. Chinese TaipeiChinese Taipei
  7. Hong KongHong Kong
  8. IndiaIndia
  9. IndonesiaIndonesia
  10. IraqIraq
  11. JordanJordan
  12. Korea DPRKorea DPR
  13. KuwaitKuwait
  14. KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
  15. LaosLaos
  16. LebanonLebanon
  17. MacauMacau
  18. MalaysiaMalaysia
  19. MaldivesMaldives
  20. MongoliaMongolia
  21. MyanmarMyanmar
  22. NepalNepal
  23. OmanOman
  24. PakistanPakistan
  25. PalestinePalestine
  26. PhilippinesPhilippines
  27. QatarQatar
  28. Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
  29. SingaporeSingapore
  30. Sri LankaSri Lanka
  31. SyriaSyria
  32. TajikistanTajikistan
  33. ThailandThailand
  34. Timor-LesteTimor-Leste
  35. TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
  36. United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
  37. UzbekistanUzbekistan
  38. VietnamVietnam
  39. YemenYemen

Know : The World’s Highest Artificial Climbing Wall

Lago di Luzzone is a lake in TicinoSwitzerland. The reservoir has a volume of 108 million m³ and a surface area of 1.27 km². It is located in the upper Blenio valley, on the territory of the municipalities of Ghirone and Aquila.

The arch dam Luzzone was completed in 1963. In the years 1997–1998, its height was increased by 17 m. One wall of the dam currently features the world’s highest artificial climbing wall. A German manufacturer of climbing holds installed a line of over 650 artificial holds and bolts. The course covers a vertical distance of 165 meters, going from the base of the dam to the top. It is considered by climbers as the Everest of wall climbing. The climb must be done as a sport climb, in multiple pitches. Furthermore, the lowest holds were placed several meters above the ground to deter casual visitors from climbing on them.


Courtesy : Wikipedia, Ilana Marcus, Caters News, Google

Alert! : Wrestling is Fake! Save Kids from Watching it!


Does your kids watching WWE kind of wrestling programs? It is the dirtiest game to engage them with, with no positive stuffs to gain from it. A bunch of paid men with steroid body fights fake a predetermined contest out there in the ring. They call it entertainment? What’s the fun in that than narcissism? Everything is fake there we all knew it, they we remain fools! If you are an ardent wrestling Fan like many kids who does not know what that dirty sport is all about, It is your choice. It turns our kids poor thinkers and more violent humans as they grow. But the truth never dies and remains the same.

 Watch this Documentary and decide on your own. Share this with your friends and family. 

As the United States develops into an increasingly dangerous place in which to live and attempt to raise children, there are ongoing efforts aimed at understanding the possible link between the rise in popularity of professional wrestling and violent behavior, especially violent behavior in children. The incidence of violence among children is on the rise, and parents continue to claim that there have been significant changes in the behavior of their children after watching professional wrestling on television. If there can be a link established between violent behavior in children and professional wrestling television shows, then the United States will be faced with a major decision concerning how, or even if, such shows should be taken off the air.

The statistics concerning professional wrestling viewership are startling. Five million American households watch up to fifteen hours of professional wrestling every week. At least one million of the viewers are children and 50% of viewers are teen and adult males. Yet, research by respected universities, such as Wake Forest, showing that there is a link between watching professional wrestling and date rape is never mentioned in the media; nor is the fact that teenage girls who watch professional wrestling on television are also more likely to be in physical fights.

From psychological quarters, it has long been known that children emulate what they see. Parents are constantly admonished to control behavior that could be construed as either aggressive or sexual in front of their children because children repeat behavior they experience during childhood. Yet, according to, the University of Indiana found that children who watch the World Wrestling Federation’s television shows were exposed, in 1999 alone, to: 1,658 instances of crotch grabbing or pointing; 609 instances of individuals being hit with garbage cans, chairs, tables and brooms; 279 kicks to the groin; 158 profane descriptions of people; 157 incidences of obscene finger gesturing; 128 instances of simulated sexual activity; 70 incidences of scantily clad women; and 21 instances of either talking about or appearing to urinate in public. Pediatric, psychiatric and medical professionals insist that children cannot experience that much violence and aggression without internalizing at least some of it.

The fact that sex and violence both sell has not been lost on the professional wrestling world. This is an industry that increased its advertising budget by 230% in just one year, from 1999 to 2000. According to the National Institute on Media and the Family, professional wrestling sales alone increased from $250 million to $340 million in that same year. Thus, the argument that the wrestling organizations are only providing what the public wants was born. On the other hand, health care professionals still maintain that the professional wrestling associations saw an opportunity to make money and did not care whether or not they had a negative impact on children and society.

At the present time, there is no censorship of the television programming watched by children. It is up to parents to determine what their children will see, and what their children will internalize. However, with growing evidence that American children are now committing murder, it is valid to speculate that professional wrestling has played at least a part in creating and perpetuating an environment in which children, who cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy, are victims of a so-called sport that is now out of control.

How does any industry change the subject and dim the limelight, if there is a great hue and cry concerning excessive profits at the expense of American children? Not a problem at all. Simply stop reporting statistics, or make them hard to find. Meanwhile, the influence of this violent sport continues to contribute to the increasingly violent environment which American children are internalizing today.”

via Yahoo voices 

This video shows the press conference for UFC 141 Lesnar vs Overeem in which a question to Brock Lesnar compared to his WWE career in which I answer:

“The Wrestling will always be in my blood, but now I am a UFC fighter. In WWE is a business, fight in the ring but outside it we care, if you follow a story, but here after the fight, you turn the page ” “If you lived in a cave for the past 50 years, the most likely to think that WWE is real, but not” said Brock Lesnar, wrestling is not real and I am a UFC fighter Brock Lesnar.

Inspiring People : Qian Hongyan : The basketball girl

“Qian Hongyan lost both her legs in an accident at only three years old in 2000. Hongyan’s family wasn’t wealth enough to provide her with hi-tech equipment to help her walk, so they gave her a basketball to help her move. Hongyan used brushes as low-level crutches. She was able to travel to and from home and school by bouncing on the basketball. Five years later, doctors were finally been able to give her prosthetic legs.

Qian Hongyan 4 Qian Hongyan 2

The seventh national special sports-meeting was held in Kunming in May 2007. Qian Hongyan went to watch the games every day and seeing the handicapped players struggle in the matches deeply moved her. After the sports meeting, Qian Hongyan was determined to join in the special swimming club. She and her parents went to consult the opportunity with Zhang Honghu, a well known coach who has trained many handicapped swimming champions. Then, Qian Hongyan began her life in the swimming club and did professional swimming training.


“Qian Hongyan studies hard. She never grouches in training although she was confronted with many difficulties at the beginning”, her coach said.

Disabled Ten-Year-Old Girl Learns To Swim

At first, Zhang didn’t pay much attention to Qian Hongyan. “The individual’s capability is important in choosing a player”, he said. “Qian Hongyan doesn’t have legs. It seems that a ship has no a helm, then the ship could work well for lack of a sense of direction”. In order to solve the problem, zhang made a special training plan for Qian Hongyan to help balance the shoulders.

Qian Hongyan 00215a70cda40fbbf73905 qian-hongyan-02

Qian Hongyan swims for about 2000 meters in a day. She always does the exercises and sit-ups, dumbbells and so on carefully. After a short period, to Zhang’s surprise, he found that Hongyan was gifted in swimming. Zhang said, “Hongyan is a very good swimmer but it would be boring and take a long time to train her and repeat the exercises every day. I couldn’t ensure she would be a world champion. However, I can tell that she is definitely a promising swimmer. Our biggest wish is to train her to have a positive attitude to life”. Qian Hongyan’s dream is to take part in the Paralympic Games and become a world champion. She works hard to achieve her dream”.

Qian Hongyan 6 Qian Hongyan 5 qian-hongyan-4

Qian Hongyan 11 Qian Hongyan 10 Qian Hongyan 9 Qian Hongyan 8 Qian Hongyan 7

Inspirational Photos : Paralymics 2012

Fighting the Odds is a common man’s way to victory, Paralympians fights the odds of the odds. Hats off to them. You do not need to win a game, being a Paralympian makes one a Winner. We could ever see such an inspiration in any other sports. 

– Din























juntingxian jia participates-in-the-long-jump-with-the-help-of-her-guide

juntingxian jia participates-in-the-long-jump-with-the-help-of-her-guide







Daniel Dias of Brazil swims the 50m backstroke

Daniel Dias of Brazil swims the 50m backstroke


Image Courtesy : Getty Images and Google