Know : Now in Syria…eat cats, dogs and donkeys to stave off hunger..


A group of Syrian clerics have issued a ruling – or fatwa – allowing people living in besieged suburbs of Damascus to eat meat that is normally forbidden.

In a video, the Muslim clerics said people could eat cats, dogs and donkeys to stave off hunger.

The fatwa comes amid reports of starvation in the besieged, rebel-held Damascus suburb of Muadhamiya.

Aid agencies have urged the government to allow humanitarian supplies to the area, where many residents are trapped.

Hundreds of civilians, some carried on stretchers, were able to flee Muadhamiya at the weekend following a temporary ceasefire.

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Sick of Humans to fight each other in wars, chemical weapons, nukes and suffer. Innocents are victims. Why War? Why Violence? Why no Humanity? 

No Answers