Give people opportunities to respond, but never expect anything from them, because you can control only what you can give; not what you get!  - Din

Go for what 'the success' is according to you, not to 'a success' that the society presumably dictates.

Five Thoughts for You : The Differences

Differentiate Success and Failure : Attitude Differentiate Good and Bad           : Happiness Differentiate Love and Hate          : Peace of Mind Differentiate God and Evil             : Selflessness Differentiate Life and Death          : Purpose Words by Din

Powerful Quote #92 : Thirst

You will do anything when you feel thirsty, whatever it takes to drink water. Same happens when we try to achieve things in our life. Only the thirst for achieving differentiates one another. - Words by Din Read more Powerful Quotes

all it needs a simple HOLD ON

Struggles will yield Success Ambition will become reality Tests will leave experiences Pains will be healed Challenges will be Opportunities Love will never fade Life will become so meaningful   All it needs is just a “hold on” Even a presumed loser will win with a “hold on” An assured winner may lose without a... Continue Reading →

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