Powerful Quote #182 : Noodles and Success

Noodles and Success

When you chase Success, think of Noodles. It comes with complex knots and not the instant factor.

– Din

Powerful Quote #176 : The Small and The Big Things

Small and Big

Don’t ignore the bigger picture of your smaller initiatives and also when you achieve that bigger success, please care about the smaller things which helped you for it!

– Din

 Image Courtesy : Prikol.ru

Powerful Quotes #164 : Trying is the Cure

You cant stop me

I tried, I failed. 
I’m trying, I may fail. 
I will try again and I will win.

Let your soul Chant this! Trying is the Cure to Failure


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Powerful Quotes #159 : Two Filters: Hardships & Failures

Hardships and Failures

I don’t wish to be victorious without any failures and hardships. Because they filter out two important things in life.

The first thing, it filters myself; makes me believe in myself and bring out the best in me – some day I’ll feel better I am worthy of the success.

The second thing, it filters out others; makes me believe in a few true companions and send off the fake people – some day I’ll feel better I’ve earned true souls beside me.

- Din

Image Courtesy & Credits : Photography by Daniel Lewis (lewisphoto.wordpress.com) via Google and  Jonnie Peacock

(Pictured is Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock)

Powerful Quote #142 : Expectations

ExpectationsGive people opportunities to respond, but never expect anything from them, because you can control only what you can give; not what you get! 

– Din