Statistical Study : Poor Farmers & Dirty Indian Politics

India farmer kills himself at Delhi AAP rally

cartoon_politics_india2This is the most debated news on Indian media now! Maybe for this week, till we get another sensational news. Political parties are taking their respective pickings to do politics. Blaming one another and trying to follow their traditional strategy to make people fools. None of the political parties ever tried to resolve the agricultural issues on a serious move. So many projects are been dragged for political and business reasons. Meanwhile, farmers are continuing to commit suicide across the country. When the media covered a single farmer’s suicide on daylight, the politicians are ‘ullu banaving’ making fool of us.

Delhi BJP demands AAP Govt to give compensation of Rs 5 crore to farmer’s family – What about thousands of farmers who died without making a political impact as the farmer who committed suicide in Delhi recently? Our politicians are exposing themselves by making such statements and irresponsible blaming on each other.

Why no Indian Political party is focusing on the solution to end this? They are fighting over how to acquire lands from farmers by various laws to favours industries. Why no one is talking about Indian Rivers Inter-link project?

The Indian Rivers Inter-link is a proposed large-scale civil engineering project that aims to link India‘s rivers by a network of reservoirs and canals and so reduce persistent floods in some parts and water shortages in other parts of India. Which can address the causes of farmer suicides and also enrich the Environment of the whole country!

The raw truth is, projects like inter-linking rivers would unite the people of India together. Maybe while executing the project some politics may happen but once the project gets completed the whole nation will get the benefits of it. People will come together ahead of their regional and states differences. Which will revamp agriculture, India will become more of a Green Nation than an industrial nation. This of course, will prevent Industrialists to an extent and prevent politicians’ tie up with Industries and they cannot make easy money. That’s why such effective projects are kept on hold or progressing at snail pace!

As of 2013, a total of 296,438 farmers had killed themselves in India since 1995.[4] Most farm suicides have been linked to debt, a sharp rise in input costs, serious water crises, price volatility and crop failure due to pest attacks and disease. India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Farmer suicides account for 11.2% of all suicides in India.[1]

In Britain farmers are taking their own lives at a rate of one a week. ƒ In India, one farmer committed suicide every 32 minutes between 1997 and 2005. Read more from UN’s article here 

The following data is bit old, but shared here for analytical purpose.

Reasons for farm suicides.
(in 2002)[27]
(of suicides)
Habits like drinking, gambling, etc. 20.35
Failure of crops 16.81
Other reasons (e.g. chit fund) 15.04
Family problems with spouse, others 13.27
Chronic illness 9.73
Marriage of daughters 5.31
Political affiliation 4.42
Property disputes 2.65
Debt burden 2.65
Price crash 2.65
Borrowing too much (e.g. for house construction) 2.65
Losses in non-farm activities 1.77
Failure of bore well 0.88
Note: “Reasons were given by close relatives and friends. There are multiple reasons for suicides. Not even one case was given only one reason.”[27]

Indian Politicians must understand that people are no fools and we can read their minds so well! Instead of blaming one another, they must act upon solutions. Shame on them if they continue doing politics with Farmers and commoners of this country.

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Know : March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto

On May 24, millions of activists from around the world will once again March Against Monsanto, calling for the permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals. Currently, marches will occur on six continents, in 52 countries,with events in over 400 cities. In the US, solidarity marches are slated to occur in 47 states.

Monsanto is a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the United States. Monsanto is also the largest producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds on the planet, accounting for over 90% of the GE seeds planted globally in 2003. Throughout its history, Monsanto has developed chemical products which have eventually become controversial or been banned, including DDT, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, and PCBs.

GMOs are not adequately monitored to ensure public safety. Long term, independent, peer reviewed studies were not conducted before GMOs were introduced for human or animal consumption.

Monsanto has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to obstruct all labeling attempts; they also suppress any research containing results not in their favor. The scientifically established health risks include, but are not limited to: organ damage, sterility, infant mortality, birth defects, auto-immune conditions, allergies and increased cancer risks. GMOs have been partially banned by Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South America, Russia, France, Switzerland and Costa Rico, and are currently labelled in 62 countries. Despite this, factory farm animals throughout the world are still fed GMOs.

In India, more than 250,000 farmers have committed suicide after Monsanto’s Bt cotton seeds did not perform as promised. Farmers, left in desperate poverty, are opting to free their families of debt by drinking Monsanto pesticide, thereby ending their lives. Many farmers in other countries are also stripped of their livelihood as a result of false promises, seed patenting and meticulous legal action on the part of Monsanto and other big-ag interests. In many parts of Africa, farmers and their communities are left to choose between starving or eating GMOs.

An “Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs),”, signed by 828 scientists from 84 countries, detailed concern regarding GMOs coupled with a call for immediate 5 year suspension of GMO crops in order to conduct “a comprehensive public enquiry of agriculture and food security for all.”

Josh Castro, organizer for Quito, Ecuador’s march observes, “Ecuador is such a beautiful place, with the richest biodiversity in the world. We will not allow this Garden of Eden to be compromised by the destructive practices of multinational corporations like Monsanto. Biotechnology is not the solution to world hunger. Agroecology is. Monsanto’s harmful practices are causing soil infertility, mono-cropping, loss of biodiversity, habitat destruction, and contributing to beehive collapse. GMO crops cross pollinate with traditional crops, risking peasant farmers’ livelihood.”

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Never Suicide! The life is so big to win!



A soul is broken 
not because it is so weak, 
But it lets the strongest 
love to break it.
It shatters on pluck out,
the love is so deep inside the soul!

When shallow heart 
can swtich and move on,
Broken soul too 
can heal itself and live on!
Stronger than before…

“Never Suicide, if love lets you down”

                                               – Words by Din

A Suicide, A Lovely Couple and the Missing LOVE

Two sides of the married life are presented here recently a techie killed himself for just an issue of facebook photo, other end there are two lovely couple lives happy who sets example. What is the missing LOVE in marriages.

A Suicide


A software engineer working in a reputed MNC allegedly committed suicide in his house at Chennai on Sunday, upset over his newly-wed wife’s refusal to remove Facebook posts of their wedding photos.

Chandan Kumar Singh (29) from Jharkhand, and Sandhya from Chennai, got married in a church in the city in July against the wishes of Singh’s family. They both were working in the same branch of the IT company when they got introduced and were in love for the last few years.

Singh’s family, which opposed the marriage as Sandhya belonged to a different religion, stayed away from the ceremony. The wedding was arranged with the blessings of Sandhya’s family.

Police said Sandhya had posted photos of their wedding on Facebook and tagged Singh in the photos. “His cousins in Jharkand had noticed the photos and informed his parents who lived there. His parents were apparently upset over this as they felt their son’s marriage in a church would not be welcomed by their relatives. They had asked Singh to remove the photos from Facebook. This created bitterness between the couple,” a police officer said.

From Singh’s suicide note, police said it was apparent that his wife had refused to remove the post as she felt there was no reason to conceal their legitimate marriage. “He had been asking her to remove the photos to respect the sentiments of his parents. On Saturday night, after a heated exchange of words, they slept in separate rooms,” said a police officer.

On Sunday morning, as Singh did not come out of his room, Sandhya checked on him and found him hanging. A note left by him said that he still loved his wife, but was upset over her refusal to remove the posts.

The body was sent for autopsy. Further investigations are on.

– Source :

A Lovely Couple

The couple Ahmad and his wife Fatima are with disabilities. Ahmad does not have both the hands and Fatima misses her legs. They got married in 2009 and filling each other’s gap. They support each other and lives a beautiful life.

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The Missing LOVE

Is Just an argument for over Facebook post enough to forget love and commit suicide? After all it just needs a small conversation to understand and sort the issue. Even if it takes few days time to understand it why not take it? Now all the dreams have faded.

Suicide is a dead end one way trip, we never can rewind the moments we made errors to resolve the problems. It is gone. Not only Chandan there are many who commit suicide every year due to relationship issues. 

Look at the other side of the world where there are couples  who complement each other so well and fill the missing gaps. Ahmad and Fatima are one such couple who both are disabled partially but they just let love to fill the gap of disabilities and it worked beautifully for them.

What is missing in others?

The words Compassion, Derteminance to be together and Perseverance are missing in the book of Love today. Most of the youth prefers to Love and find their partner. To take love to marriage takes a lot of sincerity from both of man and woman. After marriage it is just the two who need to rejoice the boon of Life together.

Unfortunately many are ending up fatefully in the hands of Breakup, Divorce, Separation and Suicide! It takes a sincere commitment for a marriage to work. Life is not going to end just with our young ages, not just being together for a few years after marriage is a big deal. Hairs will go gray, skins will wrinkle, you longer can eat what you wanted, life will bring more responsibilities, kids will grow up, we need to ensure they go ahead on the right way, future will bring the days to face to miss your parents forever and at that time you need your wife to be your strength, you need your husband to fill your dad’s place, you will fall ill the other half will take care of you, has to complement each other on every occasions of life, someday one gonna miss the other, yet the soul will strengthen the other to face it before the final adieu and the fulfillment of love will give a complete life.

Love has to travel a long distances not only it will be filled with happiness forever. It has to go through misunderstanding, anger, silly fights, days of silence, arguments, loss of trust, disappointments, etc. 

Being a couple needs the LOVE the missing Love which will strengthen both the souls to pass through every emotion and feelings of life together. If you are a couple, it does not matter who wins an argument, all it matters is not to let your spouse to lose. 

Make the following 5 oaths if you are married or about to get married, rest all things will fall in place to make your married life beautiful

1. Promise you never leave your soulmate

2. Always have the perseverance to solve and always look for a solution to stay together

3. Express your love as much as you can, convey your love with kisses every day. It will work as a magic.

4. Love the soul not the beauty. The future may bring anything, todays youthful look will change but love should remain on your spouse’s Soul.

5. Never tell lies to each other at any circumstances and a lie is the beginning of cheating which will end up in any adversity you can never imagine. 

– Words by Din

Killed in the name of honor: A Father, A Husband is No more! Indians Please Read!

This is not the story you have heard in the news yesterday, but yet another incident which happened years back when I was doing my schooling, which made me feel ashamed of being a part of this society and even being an Indian who could not do much about it. What I am going to tell is not the media hyped Ilavarasan- Divya story, but the stories that were forbidden and forgotten in our society.

This happened in the name of honour killing. The story line is the same a man and woman loves, parent on one side opposes usually the girl’s family does or the caste said to be on the higher side opposes. I prefer to keep their names anonymous. These lovers too faced such problems and things were beyond their control to make their parents to understand or to accept their love. After confirming that they could never marry with their parents’ consent, they eloped to Chennai.

Searching happened, they located the couple “Married”, and nothing much could be done by them later, as the couple were sure about not to leave Chennai and return home. He was employed in a private company and earned well. Their parents were left with no option; either accept them or to reject them completely. They had not reacted much and left silence only as the answer to the couple.

Their love soon bloomed in the form of a baby in the woman’s womb. What could be the happiest thing to know for a couple than this, to know that there going be a living sign of their love, will walk on earth in ten months. What could melt a person’s heart than a baby’s face? Even a tough soul will go soft as a rabbit when a baby smiles at them. They too were hopeful the child would bring back peace to their life and settle things with their respective parents.

dad mom kidThe baby was born in Chennai and both the parents of the couple got the information. Just like in the movies things happened favouring the couple, so the parents visited their granddaughter. The couple was finally restful as the things were calmed down; acceptance from their parents was the only thing they always wanted.

It is a tradition here to bring the mother to her home and name the child on the sixteenth day of the birth. She too went home along with her parents with dreams about the child’s future and obviously listing the names she would love her baby girl can be given. The husband sent off the wife at home and planned to arrive home on the weekend as he had some work in his office in Chennai.

It was a Saturday; the young father stepped again into the village where he hardly expected any welcome earlier. But then he believed things got changed and borne smile to see his little baby whom he will share his love along with his ladylove. In a blink of an eye there came a heavy vehicle which smashed his two-wheeler to the grounds. Before he could come to consciousness his dreams, life and his soul left the earth with probably one question. “Why?” Decades of life crushed on the roads as flesh and blood, that’s it. No more dreams that poor soul can have any more. Lost the battle to a cowardice act and to the evil creatures in the human mascots 😦

It was not just an accident, a planned murder by the young mother’s family, all planned and executed cruelty. They sent out the message stating that they had done justice and shown the rest of the world what would happen if anyone elopes with a girl from their caste! Their caste group was so proud about doing so! Sick Bastards I would search for an even more offensive word to call them!

mom kidWhat mistake the couple had done? The mother had left her home forever with her child, that baby will grow without her father! Whosoever missed their dad at a younger age will know the pain of not having a dad to speak stories and hug! There was no evidence proving against the killers, they are walking free with pride at the cost of a soul with dreams to live just a normal life with his family. A son would be missed and a husband is no more for a woman who need to face this horribly safe!-Indian society for women all on her own (marrying another man is hardly a choice she would consider).

What is the use I and you or anyone in this ridiculous society to exist, impotent to ask against these brutalities and crimes? Money rules here! That’s the only answer I could give to all justice seeking individuals.

We society are the criminals and hold a major part in this, not just the murderers. Again I repeat the same statement, we individuals, our families constitute this society. We emphasis social pressure on individuals on their marriage and escalate it as an issue of “Pride”. Sick of us! It is the matter of concern for the souls who are going to live together in their life, we are just third persons. What the hell we have rights to interfere or infest their life in any way by adding pressure to their life.

Recently a lovely human being from the UK left a comment on a previous post stating that his wife was from India and he is an English guy. And he felt sad for the souls who lost their lives in the name of Honour killing. That is a sense of love we should have. The world is going somewhere civilized, look at ourselves, we are as equal as some Barbarians.

Answer yourself honestly! Will you consider your sons / daughters love only based on the righteousness of her choice? Will you throw away the caste and religion and accept their love? If yes, there is a change in the distant future! Else forget about this and trash my words. There is no damn use of explaining you anything. I along with people like me will wait till you people get old and die soon, so as you leave us a place which values and love humanity.

miss dadA kind request to the younger generation is not to listen to any of the nonsense caste preaching or pride lectures from your older generation. We need to shed them and move ahead as civilized humans to the next level.

Imagine a world full of love and peace, which is possible only when we throw away our useless identities from the past. First throw away the castes, everything will happen as a magic following that.

Till then say nothing anymore about the culture and tradition amid of sheer stupidity we are living with. There is no pride when we are ultimately failed to live even as a human being, then comes your story of being an Indian or a Hindu or a Muslim or whatever you want to be called.

Take a pledge to educate your kids the good virtues and raise them up uninfected by these castes and differences! Some people ask me what I am trying to do with Propel Steps, this is one of the things what I do here, to convey this message via my writing, my workshops to school kids and enable their minds to a form a humane society in the future. You may face critics as I do! But only one thing I have to say for all who fight the odds in life “NEVER QUIT”!!! Take a moment and think!

– Words by Din