Welcome : Soibal Dasgupta : Official Artist of Voice of Little Hearts


We, Propel Steps welcome Soibal Dasgupta, who is our official ‪#‎artist‬ for our book Voice of Little Hearts. We wanted to add something little more that texts to communicate the message, obviously Soibal’s art will speak the emotions behind the words of the children.

Join us welcoming him and do extend your wishes to him

About Soibal :

We must say that he is an energetic youth with a lot of thought process going on in his mind about the betterment of society. He was ‘a facebook acquaintance’ but just in a short time he has become a part of our team. Thanks to his arts which attracted us like a magnet of emotions.

Soibal travelled across the subcontinent and got chances to observe the lives of people closely. He draws moments from the lives of people who are often ignored. After shifting from Kolkatta to Delhi, he found everyone liking his sketches and eventually found out that he could use his art as a way to bridge the social gap among the people.

We are delighted to have Soibal as a part of our team Voice of Little Hearts.

How you can be a part of Voice of Little Hearts?

The book is in the making in 13 languages. Entries are still open. If you are someone who care about children and want to write(in anyone of the 13 languages) for them,

Please pick a topic from the following and send us your entries (before starting writing, read the instructions from our page http://on.fb.me/1G1QxQH / ask us your queries)

  •  ‪‎Sexual‬ ‪‎Abuse‬ / ‪‎Harassment
  •  ‪‎Education‬ ‪‎System‬ / ‪‎Career‬ ‪‎Pressure‬
  •  ‪‎Child‬ ‪‎Labour‬ / Child ‪‎Trafficking‬ / ‪‎Rights‬ ‪‎Violation
  •  ‪‎Parental‬ ‪‎Care‬ / ‪‎Family‬ ‪‎Violence‬ / ‪‎Neglect
  •  ‪‎Poverty‬
  •  ‪‎Healthcare‬ / ‪‎Nutrition‬
  •  ‪‎Sex_Education‬, ‪‎Moral‬ ‪‎Values
  •  ‪‎Rural‬ / ‪‎Urban‬ ‪‎Issues‬
  •  ‪‎Psychological‬ ‪‎Needs
  •  Social Pressure / Discrimination

6 Pics for 6th Sense : Smile & Tears the same Language!




Courtesy: Jacob Duncan(1), goel-nishant.blogspot.com(2), umyara.tumblr.com(3), www.babble.com(4), www.parable.co.za(5), www.youtube.com


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