Know : Long list of Petroleum based Products

plasticThe environmental impact of petroleum has been often negative because it is toxic to almost all forms of life. The possibility of climate change exists. Petroleum, commonly referred to as oil, is closely linked to virtually all aspects of present society, especially for transportation and heating for both homes and for commercial activities. 

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline/petrol. The rest (over half) is used to make things classified as follows (This is just a few of over 6000 items that are made of petroleum based products)



 Plastic Ties
 Row Cover
 Irrigation Piping
 Bags And Packaging
 Pesticides And Herbicides
 Food Preservatives

Clothing And Textiles

 Ballet Tights
 Nylon Cord
 Everything Polyester: Blouses, Pants, Pajamas Etc.
 Everything Permanent Press: Shirts, Dresses Etc.
 Nylon Zippers
 Plastic Hangers
 Thongs And Flip Flops
 Fake Fur
 Garment Bags
 Shoe Laces
 Rain Coats
 Iron-On Patches
 Sofa Pillow Material
 Tote Bags

Infants And Children

 Acrylic Toys
 Baby Oil
 Laundry Baskets
 Waterproof Pants
 Baby Aspirin
 Bath Soap
 Baby Blankets
 Doubleknit Shirts
 Baby Bottles
 Disposable Diapers
 Baby Shoes
 Teething Rings
 Nipples And Binkies
 Stuffed Animals
 Baby Lotion


 Allergy Medication
 Cotton-Tipped Swabs
 Liquid Pepto-Bismol
 First Aid Cream
 Pill Cases
 Band Aids
 First Aid Kits
 Latex Gloves
 Prescription Bottles
 Burn Lotion
 Mosquito Spray
 Rubbing Alcohol
 Chap Stick
 Heart Valve Replacement
 Nasal Decongestant
 Surgical Tape
 Hearing Aids
 Artificial Limbs
 Eyeglasses And Sunglasses
 Denture Adhesives
 Oxygen Masks
 Prescription Glasses
 Cough Syrup
 Hearing Aids

Kitchen And Household

 Vinegar Bottles
 Egg Cartons
 Meat Trays
 Trash Bags
 Freezer Containers
 Melamine Dishware
 Cake Decorations
 Microwave Dishes
 Freezer Bags
 Milk Jugs
 Vacuum Bottles
 Gelatin Molds
 Nylon Spatulas
 Wax Paper
 Coffee Pots
 Ice Cream Scoops
 Oven Bags
 Drinking Cups
 Ice Trays
 Plastic Containers
 Fabric Softener
 Detergent Bottles
 Plastic Table Service
 Drain Stoppers
 Dish Drainers
 Lunch Boxes
 Pudding Molds
 Dish Scrubbers
 Drinking Straws
 Paper Cup Dispensers
 Measuring Cups
 Teflon Coated Pans
 Table Cloths
 Refrigerator Shelves


 Hair Brushes
 Permanent Wave Curlers
 Hair Color
 Mascara Petroleum Jelly
 Foam Rubber Curlers
 Contact Lenses And Cases
 Hair Spray
 Hand Lotion
 Shaving Foam
 Hair Dryers
 Shoe Inserts
 Body Lotion
 Face Masks
 Skin Cleanser
 Moisturizing Cream
 Soap Holders
 Disposable Razors
 Leather Conditioner
 Facial Toner
 Lens Cleanser
 Nail Polish
 Tooth Brushes
 Toothpaste Tubes
 Synthetic Wigs
 Bubble Bath
 Soap Capsules


 Carpet Padding
 Venetian Blinds
 TV Cabinets
 Extension Cords
 Picture Frames
 Flocked Wallpaper
 Shower Doors
 Refrigerator Lining
 Vinyl Wallpaper
 Kitchen Carpet
 Shag Carpet
 Welcome Mats
 Fan Blades
 Shower Curtain
 Patio Furniture

Building And Home

 Caulking Material
 Light Switch Plates
 Faucet Washers
 Measuring Tape
 Polyurethane Stain
 Water Pipes
 Electric Saws
 Propane Bottles
 Wood Floor Cleaner/Wax
 Vinyl Electrical Tape
 Plastic Pipe
 Shingles (Asphalt)
 Light Panels
 Garden Hoses
 Plastic Wood Spackling Paste
 Glazing Compound
 Spray Paint
 Epoxy Paint
 Artificial Turf
 Folding Doors
 Floor Wax
 House Paint
 Paint Rollers
 Toilet Seats
 Water Pipes
 Roofing Material
 Plywood Adhesive


 Flat Tire Fix
 Street Paving (Asphalt)
 Car Battery Cases
 Motor Oil
 Loud Speakers
 Bearing Grease
 Sports Car Bodies
 Traffic Cones
 Car Enamel
 Brake Fluid
 Windshield Wipers
 Car Sound Insulation
 Oil Filters
 Car Seats
 Convertible Tops
 Fan Belts


 Ash Trays
 Dog Food Dishes
 Cds And Dvds
 Dog Leashes
 Tape Recorders
 Synthetic Rubber
 Bubble Gum
 Dog Toys
 Nylon Ropes
 Bungee Straps
 Flight Bags
 Disposable Lighters
 Cassette Player
 Flea Collars
 Lighter Fluid
 Cigarette Cases
 Electric Blankets
 Tool Racks
 Name Tags
 Cigarette Filters
 Newspaper Tubes
 Calibrated Containers
 Insect Repellent
 Phonograph Records (Vinyl)
 Ice Buckets
 Credit Cards
 Fly Swatters
 Plastic Cup Holders
 Movie And Camera Film
 Rain Bonnets
 Video Cassettes
 Charcoal Lighter
 Safety Glasses, Gloves, Hats
 Shoe Polish
 Cassette Tapes
 Watch Bands
 Waterproof Boots
 Shopping Bags
 Tobacco Pouches
 Clothes Hangers
 Flea Collars
 Masking Tape
 Safety Flares
Around The Office
 Ball Point Pens
 Business Card Holders
 Waste Baskets
 Printer Cartridges
 Name Tags
 Scotch Tape
 Magic Markers
Sports, Hobbies And Games
 Fishing Lures
 Air Mattresses
 Beach Balls
 Fishing Poles
 Hang Gliders
 Vinyl Cases
 Glue Containers
 Golf Ball And Golf Bags
 Shotgun Shells
 Ear Plugs
 Knitting Needles
 Waterproof Clothing
 Stadium Cushions
 Tennis Racquets
 Fabric Dye
 Nylon Strings
 Face Protectors
 Volley Balls
 Model Cars
 Plastic Water Guns
 Fishing Bobbers
 Soccer Balls
 Oil Paints
 Fishing Cylume
 Light Sticks
 Playing Cards
 Monofilament Fishing Lines
 Diving Boards
 Poker Chips
 Rollerskate And Skateboard Wheels
 Guitar Strings
 Ice Chests
 Sleeping Bags
 Pole Vaulting Poles
 Motorcycle Helmets
 Skis, Water Skis
 Rubber Cement
 Plastic Flowerpots
 Hot Tub Covers
 Monkey Bars
 Photo Albums
 Wet Suits
 Tennis Balls
 Insulated Boots


Always check the ingredients and avoid them as much as possible. We will come up with more data and facts on this soon.

Courtesy and Source : Illinois Oil and Gas Association

Inspirational : Incredible People who returned Money they found!


Imagine you’re in a department store looking through handbags and stumble across one loaded with $100 bills. Or the new house you just moved into has a hidden door in the ceiling, behind which you discover trash bags stuffed with cash. What would you do? Pay off a few bills? Fix the car? Get that special something you’ve been wanting for a long time?

But what about that little voice in the back of your head telling you that money doesn’t just grow in handbags or attics? Someone probably lost or misplaced it, and they’d appreciate having it back. Could you fight off the temptation to keep it, and return the money?

10. An Unknown Homeless Woman


A 62-year-old homeless woman from Calgary, Canada found a purse stuffed with over $10,000 in cash, and even though she was living at the local YWCA shelter at the time, she chose to turn it in. “It never crossed my mind to keep the money,” she said. “It’s not mine to keep.”

The incident caused an outpouring of compassion for the woman, and the story made headlines across Canada. Many people came forward to offer her cash rewards—which she didn’t collect on, since she was embarrassed about being homeless, and insisted on remaining anonymous. However, the owner of the purse set up a trust fund worth $500 for the woman, and combined with other local donations, it was enough for her to finally move into her own apartment.

9. A Walmart Employee


Bismark Mensah, a Walmart employee from Federal Way, Washington, was collecting carts in the parking lot when he found an envelope containing $20,000 in cash. He quickly chased down the car of the customer who had left it and returned the envelope full of money, which had fallen from her purse. For his good deed, Bismark received Walmart’s “Integrity In Action” award.

The money belonged to Leona Wisdom and Gary Elton, a couple who hadstopped at the store after getting the cash from a finance company as a down payment on a house. Mensah refused to take any reward and also declined an offer of being taken out to dinner. He currently makes around nine dollars an hour working at Walmart.

8. An Honest Grandmother


Billie Watts, a 75-year-old grandmother from Tennessee, was using the ladies’ room at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant when she spotted a bag hanging from a hook on one of the stall doors. Inside was a picture of two women in an envelope, along with $97,000 in $1,000 bills. She informed the restaurant staff that she had found something and gave her number, but left with the bag in her possession.

Soon after, a woman called and identified the bag’s contents, including the picture. Watts went back to the Cracker Barrel parking lot to return it to her. Surprisingly, the woman seemed most grateful for the return of the photograph, which was the only picture she had of her recently deceased daughter. The money had been the contents of her daughter’s safe, which she was going to use to start a new life in Florida with her son. Watts was offered a $1,000 reward, but refused to take it.

7. A New Homeowner


After buying his family’s first home, Josh Ferrin of Utah stopped by the property one day prior to moving in. Inside the garage, he noticed a piece of cloth hanging from an attic door, which he used to open the hatch. In the attic he found eight metal boxes, resembling World War II ammunition cases, all of which were stuffed with rolls of cash wound in twine.

Ferrin immediately freaked out, called his wife, and began counting the money, stopping at $40,000, and leaving an estimated $5,000 more uncounted. Ferrin remembered that the home’s previous owner, Arnold Bangerter, had died not long ago and left the house to his children. So he decided to call and inform them of what he had found.

Arnold’s son confirmed his father had a tendency to hide money away, having once found a small bundle under a dresser drawer. Ferrin returned the money, saying, “I’m a father, and I worry about the future for my kids. I can see him putting that money away for a rainy day and it would have been wrong of me to deny him that thing he worked on for years. I felt like I got to write a chapter in his life, a chapter he wasn’t able to finish and see it through to its conclusion.”

6. A Cab Driver

Yellow taxi sign at night

A 42-year-old Las Vegas cab driver named Adam Woldemarim was cleaning out his taxi prior to a shift one day when he came across a black laptop case in the back seat. Inside was $221,510 in cash. He asked the driver from the previous shift if he’d forgotten anything, before ultimately taking the money to the cab company’s security desk.

Around an hour later, the Ethiopian immigrant received a dispatch to return to the company office, where a man who had won the money at a local casino hugged and thanked him. Woldemarim was given a $2,000 tip by the man for returning his laptop case full of money.

5. A Struggling Landscaper


Eli Estrada of Long Beach had a lot of credit card debt, not to mention the cost of his upcoming wedding and a struggling landscaping business. So when he stumbled upon a bag filled with $144,000 in cash, the thought occurred to him that his money problems might be over with.

“That’s just your first reaction,” Estrada said, “but it’s not yours and you feel nervous and you feel like you did something wrong, even though you didn’t.”

He ended up turning the money over to police, who responded to one of his landscaping jobs to collect it. The money had been lost by Brinks armored truck drivers and ended up in the street, where Estrada noticed it on his way to work. And despite his debt, along with having to care for his mother who moved in with him after losing her home, Eli knew he had to do the right thing and turn the money in.

Brinks later gave him a reward of $2,000 for returning the money (although his mother thought they should have given him 10 percent).

4. A Movie Theater Employee


While cleaning between theater seats after a showing of the movie Happy Feet, 19-year-old cinema worker Christopher Montgomery found a pouch that contained $24,000 in cash. And instead of stuffing it in his pants, he immediately turned it over to his manager, who made sure it got back to its rightful owner.

The money belonged to small business owner RoseMarie Limoncelli, who was watching the movie when the pouch fell out of her purse and onto the floor. It contained takings that she hadn’t yet been able to deposit. Montgomery was offered a cash reward, but declined it.

3. An Unemployed Teacher


Candace Scott of College Station, Texas was driving her car one day when she spotted a bag lying by the side of the road. Despite the fact that she initially mistook it for a dirty diaper, Scott pulled over to check it out. The bag turned out to be full of cash—$20,000 to be exact. She contemplated whether to call 911 or drive it to a police station, but says she never thought about keeping it.

Noticing a Chase Bank logo, Scott decided to drive it to a local branch andhand it over to a teller, who thanked her for honesty with a $500 gift card.

According to Scott, “the teller told me I’m the most honest person in the world, and I said, ‘Or the dumbest.’ ”

2. A Waitress


Jennifer Shaw, a waitress at Mercer’s in Savannah, Georgia found an envelope stuffed with $5,000 in cash after a group of men left a booth she was serving—and she immediately returned it. The man whose envelope it was thanked her, and gave her a $100 tip as a reward.

“I mean, you don’t really know what to think at the moment. My knees where actually shaking once I realized exactly how much it was,” she said. Mark Egan, the owner of the restaurant was proud of the move she made, too.

“Very rarely do people lose things in a restaurant facility like this, but when it happens it makes you feel wonderful that our staff are trustworthy,” he said.

1. A 10-Year-Old Boy

The young boy holds money in hands

Ten-year-old Tyler Schaefer, from Kansas City, was overnighting at the KC Hilton airport hotel with his parents, when he suddenly made a loud announcement: “I found money!”

His father, Cody Schaefer, walked over to find a drawer full of neatly stacked $100 bills, which totaled over $10,000 in cash. Worried that it could be drug money or any number of other terrifying things, Schaefer handed the money over to hotel security, who handed it over to the police. Nobody had come forward to claim the money, and Missouri law says if no claims are made within seven months, 10-year-old Tyler gets to keep it for himself. His dad, however, doesn’t seem to mind turning the money in.

“I didn’t come there with $10,000 and I didn’t leave with $10,000, so it was a wash,” he said.


Source & Courtesy : Listverse & the author SHAWN W. LARSON