Five Thoughts for You : Original Freedom

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True freedom is an absolute flexibility to think and act.
The only thing which has limitless freedom is our thoughts, we can think anything free without bounds. Unfortunately we are bounded by physical limitation which is inevitable and perishable with our lifetime. All worldly success can be achieved if the right thinking and right actions falls in place on time. This is freedom on its originality without any man made implications.

But every flexibility is always bounded by a limit of stretch.
Though we have a thought freedom not everything is possible given under the circumstances of political, cultural and social limits. In a particular country/culture you can do something so free but the same cannot be done in another country/culture. We cannot expand our freedom beyond that limit as described by the respective boundaries.

Beyond a point nothing can go flexible and breaks.
So many issues around the globe are because of the attempt to go flexible beyond the set limits. We hear in the news everyday that there are scams, riots, murders and breaking of the law and orders in some way. In every case people try to go beyond a rule which is regarded as a border which must not be crossed. When they break, it leads to conflicts. Only the magnitude varies, from a petty issue in a family or a multinational conflict, the same logic of freedom and limitations applies.

On that breaking point we define the Morality!
How do we define what is right and what is wrong? We define it on every breaking point of the freedom where the flexibility need to be curtailed. We call it as Morality / Ethics. Contrarily not every breaking point in the world is defined based on morality, many are done on individual opinions and biased intentions. This is where things started going wrong in the history! The universal morality is replaced by various individual perspectives, so controversies had begun. People started conflicts based on this.

The freedom is always there, but the flexibility and the breaking point vary!
If we humans lived an indifferent life naturally as just another animal species, we would have had a few good universal morals and we would not split by cultures, religions and so many territories now. We would feel more human than an Asian or an American or an African… But things have gone too far and we travelled a lot in this direction where we walked a long path of becoming a supreme species and civilized living beings. So now we need to balance the cause and the effects in everything we have begun. A holistic perspective can make more sense to us and bring back the humanity, unity and harmony what we are losing.

For instance the usage of Pistols by teenagers in the US is a big issue, the problem is not with the policies or laws to punish the offender, the problem is with the value system of the youngsters who do not know how to value a soul before they fire a bullet. No laws can set a limit to the original freedom what we humans have lost. No laws can contain anyone, because freedom is what we are born with naturally. More the restrictions more we break it.

Enlightenment is needed for everyone, to understand what the real freedom is all about. The real freedom is Constructive to all living beings as well as our inner peace. The real freedom is not one being selfishly gone boundless and do whatever comes in mind and cause damage to others around. The change will take a long time. We have two choices 1. To go the victims of our errors & perish or 2. To put efforts to rectify the errors & thrive.

– Words by Din