God is far beyond Religions: The way I see…

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You can understand your God Spiritually, only when you abandon the attachment to your religion. One can follow any religion to explore God, but if you do not follow the virtues of God. Then you are just religious…

In this article I tried to explain my spiritual journey, the questions I asked myself and the answers I found. With no bias, with no hatred, just a logical sequence of thoughts.

Well known, ultimate truths about religions

Whatever the religion one may follow, they do because they believe in God that religion claims as a super power.

At deeper level of thoughts it is clear that religion is just a name of the path, to reach the God.

All religions preach some values, morals, practices and procedures, which indeed are purely based on cultures that had developed in the particular regions. Culture and Religion grown together.

Culture and Religion

Culture is nothing but the way of living, as we know, we all have different cultures. We knew a little history which no one need to explain us or teach us. That history is our life time. We witness things by our very own senses and understand. So think how was your religion and the culture associated, when you were a child and now? You can obviously see some changes.

Yesterday’s taboo have got acceptance and today it is ok. I think you can find any example easily for this.

Change changes Everything, so as religion

Look at how man interpreted God, be it any religion. From most feared mythical figure to least bothered superstitious statue, we have given various importance to God. Religion also got so many changes from its original version, we consistently revived the religious terms based on the social acceptance and released advanced versions of religions, just like a software program. Example : Look at your own religions and sub faiths you have in that.

What Changes religion?

Nothing but the human compatibility. Yes. On the stone age, the expectation of a human being is just to eat food and to survive. But we are the only species which has been evolving continuously at thoughts. So those days the food source might be regarded as a gods,then our predators, then the protectors might be regarded as gods, later we seen humans as god, with extra abilities.

All are just predictions we cannot surely say which history of our religions is the truth, but the changes that had occur were undeniable. The changes the happened to the religions are undeniable truth.

Unreliable History

Think of a news that you see today, or a data. Can you assure 100% reliability on everything? Even the Science could only predict certain things. So that’s the reason why people still fight over religions, because there is no concrete proof to support their stand. All religious followers have chosen to believe in something. Nothing wrong with their beliefs, but the problems had began, when one’s belief tried to suppress others’ belief. When people tried to dominate one over another, they used the religion as a tool.

God Vs Religion

Religion is explainable. But God is not. You all agree this, though we have statues, mosques, churches, temples, idols, etc to worship god, when it comes to the question of feeling god – we all will be unanimous and say God can be felt, cannot be shown as we do in movie graphics. Back in history they had no HD cameras, so they sculptured God, written texts about God and believed that is the best way they can explain god. Named the faith with a religion’s name.

Deeper, It is all about feeling the God. But people tried to explain god via religion that has caused problems which we have not solved till date.

Spiritual Understanding

When people talk about spiritual but not religious, others may look at them like “oh here comes a meditation master from a Bodhi Tree District!” 🙂 No, it is not that complex to understand spirituality, when we feel about our relationship with another human, we may call it as love, caring, parenting, etc.

Same goes as Spiritual when we start to feel about God. One person can be spiritual only if he is not attached to any religions or any worldly things.

The major decision is whether you choose to believe in God or not is the first step, then exploring various faiths can make you understand the virtues of God, this is step two. Step three, you will realize all the faiths has the same values and characteristic of God.

Then the final step, when you try to be like God or follow the virtues of God, then you are spiritual being.

Why we need to understand something with so much complexity:

Because we have made it so complex. At our origin, we humans are not supposed to struggle like this, for example, to invent something like nuclear weapons and fight against it. We carve for more, we are addicted to selfishness.

Simply we attach ourselves to things and struggle to detach from that. We spend our whole life battling these attachments. Now our social system is built and strongly based on such attachments.

We just had one earth to live in harmony with all living beings. Look at where are we now? we have countries, borders, rules, weapons to kill one another, and what else is not there to complicate life? So un-tieing all these and going back to understanding God in a spiritual sense is just difficult only because we made it look difficult.

Keep it Simple

I hope you will accept everything in the earth serves for a purpose, lives for a purpose. Tree helps birds, they help trees, forests give rains, rains help oceans, oceans help fishes, the cycle goes round and round.

So believe, the system of Universe also has a purpose. Mars has its purpose, the Sun has, Jupiter has, A distant meteor has a purpose too. Don’t you believe? Why the planets should abide by some laws to revolve the Sun without clashing one another? Why the moon is kept at a distance, supporting life on earth?

Science can explain all these as how it works? but cannot tell why it works? That’s what I feel as the Universal Purpose.

Now if you see, religion looks so tiny in the large scale of the universe. Religions are myth. Religions are man made. Religions are imaginary stuff.

So, if we can understand this. Life will be so meaningful and pleasant, not only for us but also for the rest of the living beings.

You can understand your God Spiritually, only when you abandon the attachment to your religion. One can follow any religion to explore God, but if you do not follow the virtues of God. Then you are still religious.

- Din

Note: Whatever, i have tried to communicate here are my own understandings of God, I neither tried to convince you to accept it nor speak against your faith. Please do your own thinking, taking these points as some insights.

Culture viewed in Universal Perspective

Being modern or traditional in the culture is decided within one’s own mind. Rest all is just opinions and illusions.

IllusionThe roots of culture and traditions goes back to the history of evolution. The entire transition of humanity from a mere animal to critical thinking brains as we are today, is because of living practices we adapted from time to time.

Such living practices existed along with the ever passing time, we name them as cultures and traditions.

What is Modern for today will be tomorrow’s culture/taboo. Many of the yesterday’s cultures have become myth, superstitions and comedies. What we thought un-doable or unethical are taboos! At any given point of time, all these are mere perceptions either according to one person or a collective perspective of a society. Which is not created by the universe, but by our very own mankind.

We can understand this if we believe in a bigger fact called Universal Truth. More wider we think, magnify our thought-scale, more clearer we can see the big picture of human culture.

Different countries have different code of ethics and culture, the modernity levels vary according to their own scale. Take any example of your choice like marriage, drinking, beach culture, dining habits, dressing sense, work culture, politics, etc. You can see the difference and when we correlate it with the history, the truth will be exposed. Modernity varies and the conflicts between people for acceptance was always there! 

A simple process of one belief, seeking its approval from a majority of the people and it is attained either by will or driven by some forces like kings, wars, spiritualism, religion or fear of death, etc.

So this modernity is something which is highly unstable and temporary one. We cannot stop the change and cannot limit it to a particular direction. During the times of Sati and Wars to capture kingdoms, no one would have thought that culture will be replaced by Modern free lifestyles like Live-in relationships and Democracy, respectively. We didn’t know the same gods 1000s of years before! We do not know what gods we may worship after 1000 years from now! When we humans had discovered iron we cherished it in our culture, then we celebrated salt! Now we are going behind Gold, Money , etc. Wait for something to allure us in the future! 🙂

GreedThen what controls the Culture? or what controls the change? Would be a right way to ask this. The desire of human minds! As individuals we are constantly on a look out for something that keeps us in a comfort level. We humans never bend to the environment, instead we shape and alter the environment to suit our needs. Be it social environment or physical environment. We adapt actually by changing the culture (way of life) than changing ourselves in accordance with universal truth.

So are the problems and our constant wandering to find solutions for them. We are the creators!

One good thing is whatever we try, our human species cannot defy the universal truth and we are always under its terms and conditions. Like we cannot switch from inhaling oxygen to nitrogen or CO2. We cannot survive in a culture which exploits nature and other living beings to put us on top of the ladder.

You might feel this is more philosophical or spiritual way of looking things. Think again deep, it’s practical and psychological as well.

So it’s better to realize the change we can control when it comes to culture is totally limited only to our very own selves. We can control nothing beyond our nose, which all becomes external. Do not try to change the culture or the society, you can change yourself and influence it for a change you want! Culture keeps on changing.

ChangeEven that too will be a temporary one! So, take a back seat when it comes to culture and enjoy the ride as life brings with smile and acceptance. Do what is right for you within your own boundaries, when you include others into your wants, then you are obviously inviting their cultural acceptance or  a change, for your own wants! So from there onwards complexity begins! The old saying goes the same “What’s right for one may be wrong for another!”

Get along with people who are like minded and make life simple. Although ensure you are in sync with the universal truth, which provides you the message and hints towards the right path of life. Those hints are kindness, love, calmness, peace, compassion, simplicity, sustainability, happiness, letting go, etc. After all these thoughts too are my way of looking things, so the choice is yours. 🙂 Have a great time ahead.

- Din

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