Know : Max Retail Price (MRP) Violations & Complaints : Numbers

YOU CAN COMPLAINT IF YOU NEED TO PAY MORE THAN MRP, Here are Contact Numbers... All packaged goods in India, ranging from beverages to mobile phones to cosmetics, are stamped with a price dictated by the manufacturer as being the maximum allowable cost to the consumer. Today’s version of MRP was adapted in December 1990.... Continue Reading →

1000+ tonne Gold Hunt begun in India

The Gold Hunt has begun searching for 1000 tonnes of Gold underground after a Sadhu / Saint raised clues for the availability of such treasure. Archaeological department, Govt. Officials and Public keep marching the temple which earlier had less attention than now, Unnao the town is now flooded with world media to witness the treasure... Continue Reading →

Alert! : Child Trafficking

Human trafficking is the third largest profitable industry in the world. Child trafficking unlike many other issues is found in both developed and developing nations. Trafficked children are used for prostitution, forced into marriage, illegally adopted, used as cheap or unpaid labor, used for sport and organ harvesting. Some children are recruited into armed groups.... Continue Reading →

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