Know : National Trees List

Do you know? The Oak Tree(sub species included) is the national tree for 15 countries which is the most, followed by the Olive Tree which is the national tree for 4 countries. Almost all are officially announced except a few. Please find the complete list below. Country Name of tree Scientific name Picture ¬†Albania Olive... Continue Reading →

Know : FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Facts

Totally 204 Countries across the world aimed for a spot to play the FIFA World Cup 2014, played 820 matches and scored 2350 Goals! Finally 32 countries made it to the Group Stages! No Wonder why Football has more fans around the globe. ¬†Group A Brazil Croatia Mexico Cameroon ¬†Group B Spain Netherlands Chile Australia... Continue Reading →

Know : Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty(AONB) (Pictures)

An¬†Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty¬†(AONB) is an area of¬†countryside¬†considered to have significant landscape value in England,¬†Wales¬†or¬†Northern Ireland, that has been specially designated by¬†Natural England¬†on behalf of the¬†United Kingdom government;¬†Natural Resources Wales¬†(formerly the¬†Countryside Council for Wales) on behalf of the¬†Welsh Government; or the¬†Northern Ireland Environment Agency¬†on behalf of the¬†Northern Ireland Executive. The primary purpose of the... Continue Reading →

Know : Smoking Bans & Rules across Countries

Some countries have no legislation restricting smoking whatsoever; these include Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, and a number of other countries in Central and Western Africa. Rest all other countries has bans as follows (alphaphetically arranged) Smoking bans by country Albania A law went into effect on 30 May 2007 restricting smoking in closed public... Continue Reading →

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