Snippet Thoughts : May be, a better way to explain GOD

An Alien could see the Earth as a red planet! Yes. Not  a beautiful blue ball, if his eyes sense the wavelength of blue as red. It is possible.

Maybe he could breathe CO2 because his respiratory system could be designed in that way.

Maybe he doesn’t need to eat, he may have an inbuilt photosynthesis mechanism in his body to supply energy from the sun. He may look green like a Hulk.

As far as we know, science educated us with all the facts that we can perceive with our 5 senses. Even with the support of the sixth sense our knowledge about the universe, earth, even the very near nature around us still remains a mystery.

Why don’t have a night vision? Why can’t we see air? What if water floats and air flows on the ground? What if dinosaurs had survived? What if some animal develops a sixth sense like we do?

If you look detailed into everything, you can find an accurately programmed system. If you look wider, the whole thing would have the same sync with the other programmes.

Sun is at a perfect distance neither it burn away the Earth nor it freezes us down. All the planets are in a perfect orbit and has their own agenda, from speed to mass, from gravity to the rotation, everything is in a perfect alignment.

I can’t tell you how. But if there is no Jupiter, then we would not be here right now! Thousands of asteroids would have bombarded Earth by now. Like this, though we cannot relate a direct connection, every single atom in the universe is well connected in a system.


Feeling GOD

Do you call it Nature? or Science? or like me it is something divine what we call as GOD. GOD is an arguable concept.

If you try to realize GOD via religions, then you would end up constrained to its cultural limitation and dwindle within a circle. You can only see GOD as what man imagined, yes religions are nothing but man-made concepts. Every religion is a different attempt to know the unknown GOD, the supreme power which regulates everything happens in the universe.

If you try to realize GOD via intelligence, then you would end up failing miserably as an Atheist because our intelligence what we scientifically claim as the best in the world, is not the best. It is just a fraction of our brain’s actual capacity. We cannot even define 100% how the Earth works and the ecosystem of Earth balances, even if you take another 10000 years. Even if we try still our extinction, we cannot feel the GOD with our intelligence.

Then what is GOD? How can we conclude on the existence of GOD when we are incapable of understanding systems that work beyond the capacity of our knowledge.

The answer is we call the Supreme power / Nature as GOD. You can feel GOD in anything and everything. That’s what wise people said “An Atom doesn’t move without GOD”.

You and I accepting or denying the existence of GOD is not going to affect the system at all. Everything happens around on its own agenda. The only thing we can control to an extent is our very own soul.

Both Atheism and Theism is a way of exploring GOD. But never get hooked to a system of religion, which will turn you an extremist at some point, thus you forget love and give place to hatred on others. Religion is an entry point to bring a belief on GOD, but religions’ road won’t take us to the Destiny. GOD is beyond the religions.

When you don’t have love and kindness, you are deviating from the system and become a Moron, who can never feel the Spiritual presence of the Supreme Power – GOD! SO FORGO RELIGIONS, LOVE ALL, HATE NONE.

Thinking about God is an intriguing activity that I get immersed into, at times. Especially at those sleepless nights, like a meditation or a lucid dreaming. Most of the time I wanted to write them down in the next morning, but I end up breaking my head “What did I thought? Good logics right! How did I forget?” 😉

This time I wrote down everything at night itself! Yay! –

– Din 

Five Thoughts for You: What’s Up with the God?


The Address of the Gods!

In every religion people pray. They all have their respective Gods / God. Well built monumental homes of the Gods called as Temples, Churches, Mosques, etc. There are rich Gods as well as poor Gods in terms of the economy, some dwell in a posh place and some just in a place with no roof even. We have reasons bound why people have to visit and gather at God’s place to worship him / her, but people knew God exists everywhere! There are reasons why we need to get organized in a place to worship, both scientifically and psychologically. But now humans have many commercial branches and retail outlets  for Gods.

Transactions with Gods!

The most common reason why a human goes to the God is to get the blessing for himself / herself. Humans want the god to keep their life peaceful and happy. So we ask and God gives to us based on various criteria defined, some Gods expect the true faith and following of holy words, some Gods expect rituals, some Gods expect offers on the Hundiyal Box (Piggy bank), some Gods expect even liquor and sacrifices. Strange but truly what God wants is a mystery beyond human definitions. We imagine that God will give us whatever we want if we do what the God wants, comically we ourselves define what the God wants too and complete the transaction!

Customizable Gods!

Aren’t we using God for according to our comfort? This is very evident from the way we handle the religions and way of worshiping, with the rise of technology and science God too has been made a Technocrat. You can find online prayers, online blessings, digital prasads (a devotional offering made to a god), associated businesses of devotional places where we sell tickets to visit the God. We have an economic class to the Executive class based on one’s richness. Poor people have poor Gods, Rich people have Rich Gods!!! When did God go partial to one group?

Locking up the Gods?

We no longer let any God free! Look around, all the Gods are locked up in their homes with a varying level of security according to how rich the God is. Even we need armed-protection to keep the God and his possessions safe from the fellow humans! We have seen worse cases where humans successfully demolished many of the God’s places on Religious riots! Are we victims of religions or we made Gods a victim of our ignorance? The God never need any humanly possessions since everything belongs to the God. It is we humans who want to possess as much as we can using the name of the Gods and we want security for the possessions not the God! What harm these pity humans can cause to the almighty God!

What exactly is God?

Even the non believer will end up with no answers beyond a point in arguments. The God is the only possible answer that we have. The God is never bound by any religions as we humans choose to believe in some religion based on what our little mind knows. How many of us can differentiate the actual Good from the Evil without any religious or selfish bias? Only a very few can do that. Those are the people who can feel what the God is. The God we knew in all forms according to our belief systems has only one Motto. It matters how do we exist and serve our purpose in the path of evolution. We need to accept the fact that we are not in the Drivers seat, we do not control anything in the evolution, we are just a speck species in the path of a giant cycle of evolution. We too will perish someday like the Dinosaurs did, once our purpose is completed!

All it matters is THE NOW how we live and the God is so Simple, GOD IS LOVE TOWARDS ALL LIFE FORMS!

– Words by Din


Disclaimer : This article is purely an opinion and a perspective oriented writing which does not intend to hurt anyone’s belief or religion or a blasphemy. Just to spread peace and Harmony among humans this is written.