Story : 55 Fiction : The Donation

“1, 2, 3,…” “Sir…” the daily wager tried to ask something. “Wait! 13, 14,…” counting busily. His eyes messaged his daughter “Don’t Worry” “24, 25,…give another one” he returned him a tattered 1000 Rupees note. He gave ten 100s. “Sir, you can go in for admission” he said, after completing the donation count at 55K.... Continue Reading →

Story: 4 People, 2 Minutes and 1 Slap!

This story is just a 2mins incident, narrated from the point of view of 4 people travelling in a metro-bus in India. Interestingly, it is ONE Slap which connects them all together.  “SLAP!” All I could see is some unknown macho man slapping another man. I don’t know why he has slapped the other guy,... Continue Reading →

DEAR MR.POLITICIAN, WHY DOES MY TAX MONEY KEEP YOU SAFE ON THE STREETS BUT NOT MY SISTER? BEHAVE YOURSELF, INDIA; YOUTH ARE WATCHING Courtesy : THE HINDU __ Other Provoking banners Wake Up India : Another Provoking Banner in India!   Kudos : First Time in India, A Provoking Banner by The Hindu

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