Blank Space welcomes… Ruchi Chopra

RUCHI22Ruchi is an Akshaya Patra of smiles and positive energy ūüôā Right from the very first interaction via blogs, she has given us a lot of cheers and thumbs up than anyone else. The special thing about her is she just not keep the positive attitude with her but also spreads it to you. I wonder how she manages to share time to all sincerely, be it a little kind act of sharing her encouraging comments for blog posts, or any discussions, she rarely missed to give a pat on shoulders. If you knew her already, you must be synonymous about her.

Her Story for Blank Space: ‘Heart of Stone’ is a ‘close to heart’ story that she wrote for her daughters to make them understand the values of persistence & patience in life. She has given life to a stone in this story and let us live alongside with it. Most of us will get tired or feel given up hope at times, but she instills us to have a heart of the stone to come out successful.

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Her Profile: She is a homemaker by choice and freelance writer by passion, based in Cleveland, Ohio. She did her Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications with a specialization in E-journalism. She has previously worked for Broadcasting Media Organization, Sahara Samay National, in India, for 3 years including her brief pursuit as a Freelance Journo for Regional monthly Hindi Magazine, India Inside, in India.

She has written the Title story for her first published Anthology ‚Äú HER STORY: Is Not Always a Story‚ÄĚ. She has recently scripted for one social corporate documentary for a plywood company. She contributes articles & editorials to various social networking websites, newspapers, and magazines. The passionate lover of Mother Nature and Photography expressed that writing gives her a creative space to express herself and extended her gratitude to her lovely family, friends & mentors for their leap of faith in her capabilities.

She blogs here

We wish her all the best for her works and future endeavours.
– Team, Propel Steps

Blank Space : Announcing the list of 100 Writers

Our initiative, Blank Space has now reached the penultimate stage. We have finalized the 100 writers of 100 inspirational short stories. We are blissful to announce the league of 100 writers.

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Blank Space is an anthology of 100 inspirational short stories by 100 people, on various genres and topics, with inspiration is the common thread. The book is expected to be published soon.

Your Stories can do Wonders : Join us & get published


Thanks to everyone who have sent their stories for Blank Space. ūüôā We owe you our sincere gratitude because we know how important your support is. We got a fairly good response to our¬†earlier post, writers / bloggers from more than 10 countries¬†got in touch with us and started sending their stories. Feeling excited about their interest. ¬†The milestone 100 is yet to be reached.

So we welcome entries ūüôā

We need your support. Please contribute your stories. Your words can do wonders. We believe in you and in our aim. We cannot do it alone. mail :

Publishing a book with contribution from 100 writers is an uphill task, especially on a debut. ūüôā We know it. Yet the purpose which is fuelling our efforts is “To make a difference and prove any difficulty is not impossible, it is just harder to achieve”

The Idea of Blank Space has its story, backed by a strong belief to inspire people by not by telling the famous fight backs of popular people. It’s about sharing the inspirations of people who are just like You, I or anyone who reads this. Who we can relate to ourselves easily.

Blank SpaceFor all who are new : Blank Space : Filled with inspiration is an anthology styled book to be written by 100 writers and will have 100 short stories of inspiring moments in life.

You can write about any topic / issue which can inspire people and leave a positive vibe to them. You can choose any genre fiction, semifiction, true stories or even a memoir as a story would do it.

What differences that this book can make?

Well, it is about the intensity. 100 people from around the globe will actually¬†form a community of people around them who either needs inspiration or provides inspiration. It multiplies. Blank Space will do it. Actually the journey starts after publishing as we have plans to make short films, school plays, etc¬†based on the stories in the future(of course with writer’s consent). But let’s focus on one step at a time.

A feel of your friend writing in a book is so special for anyone. A feel to say “I wrote a story in this book, which you can find online with this ISBN” will be a fantastic feel for someone who get published for the first time.

It is not as difficult to write a complete book and take the burden of publishing, sales and most importantly getting the readers. Nothing can give a writer a happiness than to reach more people to read his/her writing. Blank Space will make that happen.

Blank Space will be translated into other languages and published. So far, English and Tamil versions are confirmed. We will expand it to other languages if we get the right resources.

Writers can earn without any investment.

Where we stand now?

So far, more than 35+ writers have assured and started sending their entries. So miles to go to catch up 100+ entries and pick the best 100 out of them. Due date is extended for entries, till the official announcement from us about the close of entries.

The revenue generated by this initiative will be invested to inaugurate Study Centers in rural areas of Tamilnadu, India, where students can learn anything they wish to learn. SPECIALLY, WITHOUT ANY NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY!

Our “Money-free Learning” model will enable them to take off the burden of fees and focus on what they wish to learn. We do not ask for any donations, we want to earn, and set an exemplary system that is self suffice. Blank Space will help us do it.

We need your support. Please contribute your stories. Your words can do wonders. We believe in you and in our aim. 

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- Din

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Reblog : Beginning Writer’s Mistakes & How to avoid them

Snoopy writesWriting is a dream for many of us. Like music, writing has infinite tunes of emotions and essence. The purpose of music is fulfilled when the audience cheers and cherishes the effect of the melody; let it reverb on their souls. Writing is equally powerful as music, when the content reaches the readers as the writer expects. How to make it happen? How to write efficiently?

We have found this awesome tips written by Ronin on Reddit. He explains about the Mistakes That Every Beginning Writer Makes and how to avoid them. The best part, he explained everything with examples which is highly useful. However, these are not thumb rules but useful tips to consider, a writer knows it better what is needed for his/her work.

We learned a lot from it, hope it helps many who needs ūüôā

Telling instead of showing.¬†Show, don’t tell. Yes, some of the oldest and most cliched writing advice in the modern world. Why?¬†Because it’s fucking true,¬†that’s why. And new writers ignore it all the time. When you are describing one of your characters, try to imagine whether your prose reads like ambient description of setting and action, or if it reads like¬†Morgan Freeman doing a voiceover.¬†If it’s the latter, you have a problem.

Ex. Johnny was a jackass. (NO)

Ex.¬†Johnny walked past the table of otakus and flipped over the lunch tray at the end with a casual air. He didn’t even bother looking over his shoulder as his victim stared after him with mashed potatoes in her lap.¬†(YES)

  • Dialogue tags.¬†One of the most useful and contentious tricks of writing fiction prose, and yet very few beginning writers know how to use these properly. In almost all cases, he said/she said are the only dialogue tags that your fiction needs (if any at all – if your characters are distinct enough, you don’t even have to tag dialogue). Dialogue tags are not capitalized – they are an extension of the dialogue that comes before them. If you are continuing dialogue with a break in the middle for a dialogue tag, the previous piece of dialogue should be closed off by punctuation, usually a comma.

Ex.¬†“How could you do this to me?!” She sobbed.¬†(NO)

Ex.¬†“This is the cruelest thing you have ever done,” she said. “And that’s saying a lot.” She turned away from him.¬†(YES)

  • It’s vs. its.¬†The former is a contraction of “it is”, the latter is a possessive.

Ex.¬†“It’s¬†a boy.”

Ex.¬†“The dog played with¬†its¬†bone.”

  • You’re vs. your.¬†Same issue. the former is a contraction of “you are”, the latter is a possessive.

Ex.¬†“You’re¬†a coldblooded bastard,” the writer said to the editor.

Ex.¬†“Hey, don’t make the changes if you don’t want to. It’s¬†your¬†book,” the editor replied.

  • Names in dialogue.


“Billy, why you be puttin‘ all those names in your dialogue?”

“I don’t know Jim, I just don’t understand how natural dialogue works.”

Listen to the people speaking around you. People don’t usually use the names of others while speaking to them unless they are a) very angry, or b) speaking to another person about someone.

  • Mixed tense.¬†There are three major tenses used in writing: past, present, and future. Look them up, learn the difference.
  • Mixed perspective.¬†There are two major perspectives utilized in writing: third person (either limited or omniscient), and first person. Second person perspective is also an option, but outside of the very select choose-your-own-adventure genre, second person perspective is generally frowned upon by many editors and is notoriously difficult to pull off.
  • ly ending adverbs.¬†The lazy writer’s friend. If you feel the urge to write the following, you have not put enough emotion in the prose itself to depict these feelings: nervously, sadly, calmly, angrily, etc…

Ex.¬†“Quit using those goddamned –ly ending adverbs!” Ronin said angrily.¬†(NO)

Ex.¬†Ronin held out a copy of¬†On Writing¬†as she stalked towards the fledgling writer. She brandished the book before the amateur’s downward-cast eyes, admonishing him for piddling all over his work.¬†“No more –ly ending adverbs!”(YES)

  • Exposition dumps.¬†This is where the writer has a shit-ton of information that they need to convey to the reader, but instead of doing it through ambient dialogue, setting, and characterization, they decide to just lump it into a paragraph. See¬†Basil Exposition.
  • Overuse of passive voice.¬†As opposed to active voice, which is dynamic and kickass, passive voice often comes across as boring and detaches the reader from the action at hand. Active voice is more forceful, especially when dealing with narrative action. Sometimes passive voice is necessary due to the context of the scene, but in many cases it can be eliminated for the active voice in order to bring more vibrancy to a piece of writing.

Ex. The proposed initiative to limit passive voice was being bitterly opposed by some writers.(NO)

Ex. Some writers stood in bitter opposition against the initiative to limit passive voice. (YES)

  • Lack of conflict.¬†You have 2,500 words of a guy wanking internally to himself in an inner monologue that you find fascinating and the other 99% of humanity finds mind-numbingly tedious. The best source of internal conflict, which can be poignant if used well, is a strong source of external conflict.

Ex.¬†Boring short story ‚Äď Wife thinks about how dull her life has become. Does nothing about it, but we are forced to listen to how (internally) miserable she is. DULL.

Ex.¬†Cool short story ‚Äď Wife is abused or neglected by her husband, and as a result makes the impromptu decision to take off in the night and fly to Cambodia.

  • OVERUSE OF EXCLAMATION!!!!¬†No, I’m not trying to outlaw exclamation marks, or even all-caps dialogue. Both choices have their place in narrative fiction. But in many cases, an exclamation mark can be suitably removed in exchange for making the entire piece of dialogue stronger, and the all-caps YELLING dialogue can be replaced with the smoother, more stylish italics.


Ex.¬†‚ÄúOh my God,‚ÄĚ Christian said. ‚ÄúI can’t believe that you can get emphasis across without exclamation marks or all-caps dialogue. It’s fucking¬†genius.‚ÄĚ(YES)

  • Semicolon abuse. Somewhere, as we speak, someone is throwing in a semicolon between two sentence fragments because they think it looks cool. Just don’t do it kids. Semicolons lead to indiscriminate dashes, and indiscriminate dashes lead to James Joyce. Given his notorious wordcount (or lack thereof) nobody wants that. So don’t let it happen to you. Learn how to use irregular punctuation correctly. You have to master the rules before you can break them.
  • Giving up because somebody said something mean about your writing.¬†Writing is a tough sport man. People always think of writers as these frilly guys (or gals) hanging out in coffee shops with their laptops and their fluffy cats, pulling awesome out of the ether. But the real truth is that writing is hard and having your work critiqued is even harder. It’s like having someone tell you that your baby is ugly. Sometimes people say it with the best of intentions ‚Äď sometimes people say it just to be an ass to you. The only difference between you and the mother of an ugly baby is that you actually have the chance to make your baby beautiful. So don’t throw your baby in a dumpster just because someone said something mean about it that one time. Criticism happens. It’s part of writing. It should never define your work.
  • Not starting at all. Common excuses: I have too much homework, my dog ate my Macbook, it’s four degrees shy of comfortable in here, I haven’t finished my outline yet, I haven’t finished world building yet, I’m not satisfied, I’m not ready, I can’t do it. Suck it up and write. You’re never going to be in perfect conditions. Your first drafts are always going to be shitty. Even Stephen King’s first drafts are shitty. Just shut up and write. You can always fix it in post.

So that’s it. Keep these things in mind as you write, and your writing should improve in leaps and bounds.

Courtesy & Credits : Ronin originally posted on Reddit