Powerful Quote #175 : Unlearning


Education should unite not separate the nations. We learn history to know how stupidly we fought one another and not to repeat the same mistakes again.

– Din

Powerful Quote #169 : Petals of Children

Petals of Children

Flowers love gentle breeze, so as the children. But, neither the flowers nor the little children know to demand such a love. It’s we who need to understand their soul is as soft as the petals and decide whether to be a gentle breeze of love or a shattering storm of anger.

- Din

Image Courtesy : www.childpsych.co.za

Powerful Quote #170 : Love All, Hate None

Love all Hate none

People who loved us, may hate us for some reason, that’s when we begin to understand the value of loving with no reason and then, we realize love is no longer about individuals. We have the whole world to shower our love infinitely and there are limitless souls longing for it. So, Love all, hate none.

- Din

Earth Our Home Too : Yogi Bear? Here’s a Doggy Bear :)

This Sloth Bear recently befriended them in Lakhapada village in India. The bear was never domesticated, however surprisingly chose to bond with the family. Now it has become more than a pet, a member of the family.

Sloth Bears can be very aggressive and deadly, but not in his case. This adorable male bear followed the family’s heard of goats to their home. After he discovered the family they formed an immediate bond. It is luck to the family as well as the bear not to attack one another on first sight. That’s how miracle happens 🙂

We wish you Good days Teddy 🙂

Powerful Quote #156 : Praise & Censure


Let no praise or censure to leave an effect in your mind. Don’t feel so excited or down, for that mere perception of others. Just be thankful and move on.

- Din

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