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Image Courtesy : Steve Sack

Image Courtesy : Steve Sack

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Ten Qualities, God Brings In You

God 10 qualities

Many of us do believe in God. We pray. People go to temples, churches, mosques and many places of worships to see God. Yet it is a well-known fact that every theist would agree that God is everywhere, yet we have some psychological reasons to go to a particular place of worship and pray our God. Why everyone pray? is a separate topic of discussion. But does everyone really feel God? Does everyone follow God? If you say ‘Yes’ you know it well that is a lie.

There are millions of human beings who claim to be believers and followers of God, but they never possess the qualities. When you are truly in a relationship with God, you would have as many of these 10 qualities in you.

1. Loss of Ego

A man who believes in a supreme power God, he naturally loses his self-centered Ego and become selfless.

2. Love All

When God’s presence is there in a man, he will love everyone. They never build hatred in the soul.

3. Never Judge anyone

It follows a sequence, when love comes in unconditional on fellow humans, we never judge anyone. Man who believes in God knows that he has no authority to say someone is right or wrong. Man may perceive, but can never judge.

4. Forgiveness

If someone hurts us, forgiveness is an important quality of God which we should follow. Hurting them back is cinema culture to take revenge, not the sign of God.

5. Acceptance

Change happens as life moves on. Some call it karma, some call it fate, some call it law of attraction. But accepting things as it happens in life, without complaining or whimpering over others can only be possible with God’s support.

6. Happiness

When we accept things as it is, there is no reason to worry at all. Godliness is a bliss.

7. Fearless

Of course, there exists evil in this world. I am not telling about the flying blood oozing demons. But evil thoughts in human minds and thus changed evil humans. God gives fearlessness to fight both the evil thoughts and evil humans, but without breaking the qualities of God.

8. Righteous

Many may recommend you to win bad by another bad stuff. Violence by violence. But righteous soul knew that we could never bring a permanent justice, by a wrong action. God is always righteous.

9. Mindfulness

Higher level of spiritual realization will lead to mindfulness of understanding everything that happens around in a holistic way. Mind will be openly seeing the bigger picture of God and ignores the petty issues people do in the name of religions and customs. Not just about God but the perspective of whole life will change.

10. Non-attachment

The last and the most matured quality that God can bring in us is getting unattached to the worldly stuffs. Of course, only a very few geniuses can reach this stage and reached this stage before. If not in practice level, at least we can bring it to the realization level. As all paths to god say this unanimously, we own nothing in this world! Not even our very own soul which resides in our body. Just we all have a purpose, so we exist and evolve in a mystic journey called Life.

Many of the Atheists also will have these qualities and stay as a good human being. They are comfortable in calling that as high-level of intelligence and some will call it Godliness.

– Din

Powerful Quote #174 : No Borders


Thank you Humans for starting countries and creating all the mess.

Mother earth has no borders. 

- Din

Powerful Quote #176 : The Small and The Big Things

Small and Big

Don’t ignore the bigger picture of your smaller initiatives and also when you achieve that bigger success, please care about the smaller things which helped you for it!

– Din

 Image Courtesy : Prikol.ru

Cute : Little Girl’s Letter to Google

A little girl named Katie, wrote a letter to Google and asked for a day off for his birthday. Her cute letter in Aqua coloured crayon had given her a surprise from the company. Hope you like her letter and the reply by Google.

Katie wrote

Cute letter“Dear google worker,
Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off like he can get get a day off Wed Wendsday. Because Daddy ONLY gets a day off on Saturday.”

“From, Katie.”

“PS. It is daddy’s BIRTHDAY!”

“P.P.S. It is summer, you know.”

Her request worked. Not only did her dad get Wednesday off; he got the entire week.

“Your father has been hard at work designing many beautiful and delightful things for Google and millions of people across the globe, On the occasion of his Birthday, and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off during the summer, we are giving him the whole first week of July as vacation time. Enjoy!” Google boss Daniel Shiplacoff wrote back in a letter.

Cute Isn’t it? Hope you too work like Organisations that value employees as human beings like Google! 🙂 Why not you follow this in your organisation, may not be a week holiday, but a day off during your Employee’s Birthday? 🙂 There might be a cute kid waiting in his/her family as well 🙂

Courtesy : Today.Com