One Line Story : “Dump Me” – Seed

“If you want to dump someone in a pit? Please do it to me !

Not to someone who believes in you”, said a Seed

– Words by Din ( Inspired Thoughts )


Estranged : Doors of memories will never close

Estranged : A Message you can send to your beloved ones


There are many relationship problems happens now a days. Due to misunderstanding and lack of perseverance many deserving relationships are breaking up. This is not only meant for Spouses, but also applicable for any relationship breakages between two good friends, parents and children, siblings, any good relationship for instance

I wish I can share my thoughts which may help you to open your mind and get back the ones who you feel you had lost and want them back. After all human life is once; hopefully we can live it in harmony and peace. This can be a gentle message to the estranged ones whom you still love and value. They may realize you now and come back. Pass it on, without expectations on their return. Just Spread peace and love. 

Wise human says

“Write what you want to forget on Sand and write what you want to remember forever on Rock”

I have a reason for holding on trust in you; I had written your name on Rocks and my anger on Sands.

I have no reason for hating you; I believed you too had written my name on Rocks and anger on Sands.

Sometimes humans err to write on the wrong side, like you did.

Hope you reinstate!

“Doors of memories will never close, I always remember you in my silence”

Waiting for you…

Words by Din