The wall

Powerful Quote #143 : The Wall of Obstacle

Hit the wall of obstacle continuously, you may break the wall or your head for sure! The key is not how strong the wall is, but how strong your tool is, use brain to choose the right tool for breaking your obstacles; don’t break your head! – Din


What to study after 12th standard? : Must Read 5 Insights

“What to study after 12th standard?” probably the most mysterious and critical question for many students in India. Especially to those students from rural areas and their parents. Though internet and this information era has revolutionized India’s accessibility to various resources, many are still lagging behind when it comes to our decision making process on education…

The Redemption by Din

The Redemption – An emotional story of love & kindness

A wife gone missing for 40 days and returns home with her clothes drenched in blood. What happened to her in those 40 days? How did her husband redeem her and their life? – An emotion filled short story of love and kindness, taking over rage and revengeful nature of human minds. This is day…

Nomadic Itinerary

A Nomadic Itinerary

There’s a dream at long odds. There is he; a freeman. Free beyond borders, Just as an Earthling. Makes “Home Sweet Home” Wherever he goes. No one’s a stranger, in his cherished world. No tagged nationality No labeled passports No religion owns him “Heir?” not him His nomadic itinerary Born somewhere, living here, tomorrow anywhere.…


Facebook Page calls Virat Kohli a “Rapist” !

Social media is so powerful, celebrities have huge fan base on facebook. especially Indian Cricketers. Kohli is one such exceptional talent. But a facebook page calls him a Rapist to explain how dangerous he is with the bat. This is how they admire him ( a sick way ) See Virat Kohli’s strong Zone  Virat…

Kids love

Story : Cute Love of the Little Hearts

“I won’t let you go to her” that was his last words. She walked towards him. “I told that I hate you. Because, you never shared anything with me equally, especially my favourite cookies. You also steal my things and hide them somewhere to make me cry. You always fought with me. But mommy told…


Towards a Better World without the Money

Money is an infection – A disease which we take pleasure to ingest with – What happens wrong in this system? Say a kid is suffering from a terminal cancer, let the kid be a black or white, an American or a Nigerian we all know a kid is a kid. What does the kid need?…

Mineral water and Roasted Cockroach

Must read Story : Mineral Water and Roasted Cockroach

Whenever a waiter forces you to go for a bottled water in any restaurant, especially in India, please remember this story.  I was so hungry; lunch time, I entered just another restaurant you can find on a busy street of any Indian cities. I ordered for a typical South Indian Rice meal. Within minutes a plate of meals arrived with small Katoris…

Animals Around The World

A Thought can Change #3

A thought about why we hate something, especially animals that we think as harm to us. Then what is the reverse side of it, we too are a threat to them and harm animals. They too can hate us, right?


Story : ToMmY eNgLiSh :)

    This Story is about a boy and his adventure. Not just an escapade with his pup tommy, but it carries a message too. But nobody knows he is a hero. Nobody than himself, I who wrote this story and you who gonna read this story :) Please leave your feedback.  “Grrrrrr… Grrrrrrrr… Bow…


Powerful Quote #133 : Modernity

Modernity is enabling us to learn anything we want, we are knowledgeable. Yet our future is not just depended on our knowledge, but on our wiseness in choosing what to learn and what needed to be learned! – Words by Din Image Courtesy : Zach Bush (via Google)


Estranged Masterpiece

An Art never understands an artist’s feeling like the artist does! Once upon a time there lived an artist, who drawn a beautiful painting. He regarded that as his masterpiece work, which carried all his dreams and love for arts. One day, miraculously the painting has become alive and admired it’s own beauty. Got pride about…

Is it your home

Story : “Is it really your home?”

If you have a story or a reason behind your decision on why you choose your profession / career, then you worth it. So do I… Diary Date: March 15, 1990 I used to this mild darkness of the dusk. Because I have been riding my bicycle on the same streets, since my class 4th.…

Words by Din1

A Thought can Change #2

The Gap between the rich and poor is the simple reflection of a Society’s fortune. Evidently those countries which have lesser gap, enjoys a happy life. Philosophically, it is the truth that crime arises from two places, one from where money is excessive beyond needs and another where there is no money available even for…

The Last Hero

A Must Read Story : “Her Last Hero”

This story will touch your souls and provoke your thoughts. Please leave your comments. She started speaking… Just like many lucky kids, I also can say proudly that my father is my hero. When does “a just another father” turns a hero? It does not demand any special cinematic scenes or a formidable villain to make…


A Thought can Change #1

Thrown out some scrap food, A pack of stray dogs feasted. I can see the Hunger! Offered some part of my food, A little one wagged its tail. I can see the Love! Sharing makes a difference. Sometimes I feel, Dogs are wiser than Human! Words by Din __ Do not waste food Adopt Dogs than…


Story : The Night, I killed Kamini – A myth busting thriller!

Do you believe in Ghosts? I do not. However, some incidents may coincide with few moments which we can never explain or answer clearly. One such incident happened in my life too when I was young. “You people need real guts to stay in that 7th ward” every person who crossed our street used to…

Indian tuk-tuk running on compressed natural gas

Story : On time – An Employee’s relinquishment

“What happened Peter?, will it take more time?” “Karan, seems I need a mechanic to fix it!” “Ok, let’s do something I catch up an auto, you arrange a mechanic. I have to be there on time” “Hmm.. Sounds better, you go fast the meeting will commence in another 30 mins, I will handle this.…


Story : Misunderstanding happens…

The train is over crowded and cursed my fate for getting into this compartment. People are pushing each other, hardly I could stand on two legs. My age too a factor, I am in my 50s. To add further annoyance one fellow in his early twenties I guess, keep poking me with his elbow on…

enviromental professional2

Increasing demand of Environmental Professionals : An Overview

Environmental Sustainability is getting as the top priority. An environmentally sustainable prototype is becoming the top priority of all industrial and business sectors. Right from a Conglomerate to a Street Vendor, the awareness about ecological balance is catching up at a rapid pace. Though we cause environmental damages in the present, at the same rate…

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Powerful Quote #127 : Newbie

You may be a newbie! Believe in your capabilities, keep exhibiting your talents, move on further and make new roads. Your meeting point with an opportunity may be there just in the next turn.  -  Words by Din

Temporary Folder4

Story : Losing something is not a reason to worry

A poor family of a worker, lived in a small town. He worked hard and honest though his earnings were just enough to meet his family’s day to day needs. One day his wife went to a vegetable market and she has just 10 Rupees with her. That could be enough for buying vegetable for…


Education is a Right, Learning must be Free! : Why? How?

Free Education is Possible! “If you want to be happy in life, what you need?” I bet you, the majority of the people will answer ‘Money’. In order to live a good life money has become inevitable now a days, and everyone knows this. No need for me to explain anyone why money is needed.…


Story : Finding Happiness at Work

        I went to a salon for a haircut. As the hairdresser is busy, I need to wait there for my turn. I just ran through some pages of style magazines there. A kid came before me seemed so curious about the hairdresser’s job and he asked so many questions to him.…

Societal illusion

Powerful Quote #125 : Societal Illusion

It’s all individuals who need to change, there is nothing called as a society; which is an imaginary representation of a group of individuals. Unfortunately, many individuals are selfish; so as the so called society.     Words by Din

5 differences

Five Thoughts for You : The Differences

Differentiate Success and Failure : Attitude Differentiate Good and Bad           : Happiness Differentiate Love and Hate          : Peace of Mind Differentiate God and Evil             : Selflessness Differentiate Life and Death          : Purpose Words by Din


Story: I am there for you – Everyone has a reason!

“Move move move…” yelled the voice. -”Please sir!” “Nothing I can do!” yelling continued. -”Please take this sir!, leave me!” “What is this?”, he questioned on insufficiency. -”That’s all I have sir, please sir. Leave me, sir!” “Ok, ok, I should never see you here again”, the hand grabbed the money and the heavy pockets…

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Squirrels and Birthday Treat :)

Squirrels are part of our family, everyday morning 6 AM, come and scratch the back door for breakfast. Usually some rice or fruits would go. Just two hands full grain would be shared among 8-10 squirrels and by 7 AM Jungle Babblers will join them and they demand their hand full of Rice again. If…


Story: 4 People, 2 Minutes and 1 Slap!

This story is just a 2mins incident, narrated from the point of view of 4 people travelling in a metro-bus in India. Interestingly, it is ONE Slap which connects them all together.  “SLAP!” All I could see is some unknown macho man slapping another man. I don’t know why he has slapped the other guy,…


Five Thoughts for You : Let Go Religions, Embrace Love

An Unbiased Truth: Every religion tells us fables, they have own flaws, unanswerable questions, unquestionable answers and some degree of extremism towards own beliefs. A radical common thread in all of them is betterment of human life aligned with the nature, rest all are added contingencies as the history then demanded.  What you follow Religion or…