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Simplified : Individual’s Career, Society & Educational System

In this article, I tried to magnify how an individual’s ambition affects and has its effects on the society as the whole, how educational system plays a role in it and how we can do our best? This will be like exploring the maze, one will lead to another and another will lead you to…

You and You

Powerful Quote #168 : The Difference Between You & You

This is an indicator of your character, The difference between ‘You’ and ‘You’ The first ‘You’ is the ‘You’, known to yourself.. The second ‘You’ is the ‘You’, that you show to others. Lesser the difference, better the character! You need not show everything about you to everyone, But never show something that what you’re…

spiritual journey

God is far beyond Religions: The way I see…

You can understand your God Spiritually, only when you abandon the attachment to your religion. One can follow any religion to explore God, but if you do not follow the virtues of God. Then you are just religious… In this article I tried to explain my spiritual journey, the questions I asked myself and the…

Powerful Quote #166 : Help Yourself, Keep Going

Even, if you do, the noblest thing to the society, there will be people who just keep on popping-up to find fault and criticize! When you shift your focus to convince them, you actually begin to deviate from your purpose. So, help yourself and keep going. – Din

Mighty Raju Elephant

A Letter to Mighty Raju – An Elephant rescued after 50 yrs

I am writing this letter to this rescued, humble Elephant called Raju, who suffered 50 years of brutality in spiked chains 24 hours a day. I write this with sincere thanks to Wildlife SOS, who are the real heroes who rescued Raju. Dear Mighty Raju,  I could feel your tears. I could feel somehow happiness, at least…

Here i come2

Powerful Quote #165 : The Smile Maker :)

Let’s keep an important goal everyday, 100% we won’t fail. That’s “Do anything, do something, to as many people as you can, make them smile :) ” Let no one escape ;) You are next on my list. Yes, you who read this :) – Din

Side Walk flower

Story : 55 Fiction : Sidewalk Flowers

A gentle breeze brought some more flowers, floating in the air, slowly landed on the sidewalks. He carefully avoided stepping on them. The old dry flowers seemed questioning, interrupted his steps. He knew it, they might look for her, miss her alongside him. He continued walking slowly, with a walking stick instead of her hand. -Din…


Your Stories can do Wonders : Join us & get published

Thanks to everyone who have sent their stories for Blank Space. :) We owe you our sincere gratitude because we know how important your support is. We got a fairly good response to our earlier post, writers / bloggers from more than 10 countries got in touch with us and started sending their stories. Feeling excited about…

You cant stop me

Powerful Quotes #164 : Trying is the Cure

I tried, I failed.  I’m trying, I may fail.  I will try again and I will win. Let your soul Chant this! Trying is the Cure to Failure - Din Do you write short stories? Now it’s time to get published and inspire the world. Know more about Blank Space where you can submit your short stories for…

Back Stabbers

Powerful Quote #163 : Happy Losing :)

Trust is always 100%, if not, then it is not trusting at all. If someone misuses your trust, it doesn’t mean that you are a fool. They are fools to not to know your worth. You still remain a good soul, it’s ok to feel sad momentarily; but be happy to lose a backstabber in your life.…

Wall of Mistakes

Powerful Quote #162 : Wall of Mistake

Our mistakes are like the walls we built in our path. We can paint it with guilt, sit and watch forever “Oh! What I have done?” We can smack it down with forgiveness and move forward “Ok, I learned!” Then you knew it well, not to build same walls again :) But beware of notorious…


Culture viewed in Universal Perspective

Being modern or traditional in the culture is decided within one’s own mind. Rest all is just opinions and illusions. The roots of culture and traditions goes back to the history of evolution. The entire transition of humanity from a mere animal to critical thinking brains as we are today, is because of living practices…

Broiler Chicken

Story : 55 Fiction : Chicken Dreams

Food served: On time, Neighbours: Our own kind and People at service: 24×7.  “What a blessed life!” she thought. A few days passed… “Buck… Buck… Buck… Buckaaaa…!” “Buck… Buck… Buck… Buckaaah…!” the last words of her friends she heard at distance. Unaware of the future, the broiler chicken blissfully thought “What a blessed life!” -…


Story : 55 Fiction : Unfair War

My story is so long, in one line: I lived through all facets of life. Even, demises of my friends who stood by my side always. We surpassed apocalyptic wars led by storms, together. But I have no clue how to fight those huge metallic bugs. Here comes another one to uproot me. Unfair War!…

God wants

See what I found and my Reaction #1

“Say you belong to a religion only when you follow the virtues of your god. You first fill your soul with love and kindness like Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or any God. Else your religion alone exists with you, when you hate and spread hatred, you are just a religious extremist, not a follower of…

Woman in Night Street

Story : 55 Fiction : A Woman in Night Street

Damn power cuts! The darkness filled the night street. “Leave me!” she screamed. With difficulty, I spotted two men dragging her. Not difficult for my pistol and the trust in my aim. One down, the other fled away. The power came back and she saw a Police Officer. “Thank you Ma’am”, she held my hands.…

The Garage

Story : 55 Fiction : The Garage

It just started to rain. As he gazed the thatched roof, laying on the floor, without a blink, the drizzles slowly became heavy showers. A drop dripped on his eye. He rolled down the sleeves to hide the wounds and decided to go to school. He realized, why his mother always hated the garage owner.…

Cartoons Never Die

Story : 55 Fiction : Cartoons Never Die

He was cheering Jerry to escape the chasing Tom, glued his eyes. His sister wasn’t fighting over the TV remote. She remained silent, so did the others. He smiled for one last time. Tears filled their eyes. HIV was not his fault. The doctor answered “Yes” to the question he asked once “Cartoons never die?” – Din…

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly's back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. "It doesn't matter how heavy he is," Kelly said. "It just makes me thankful...that he is still here." Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

Marriage vs Live-in : Marriage with Love Wins :)

How many of you have adored an ideal couple who stand by each other’s side always? Like in some poetic movies I have seen couples who are committed to each other with loads and loads of infinite love filled in their soul. Come whatever may they remain together till their end. Do you adore such…


Blank Space : Write Your Inspiring Moment, Get Published.

Our life is full of moments, moments may be hard to pass through, but it will be followed by another moment which will be full of happiness. What happens in between the two moments is the Inspiration for life. That Inspiration always helped us on our jobs, a marathon run, cooking a recipe, our love,…

Deep Rooted Selfishness

Powerful Quotes #161 : Deep-Rooted-Selfishness

More deeper the roots, more stronger the trees. Our human society also has deep roots and we are stronger, the concern is not how deep our roots are, it is what our roots are! “I” is the root of problems and “We” is the root of solutions! Now you know why humans do all nonsense!…

Blank Space invite

An Invitation to All Writers, Bloggers and Thinkers

We cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work “Blank Space” – An anthology-styled book series. As the title says a ‘Blank Space’ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ‘Volume…

Understand correctly

A Message for the Day : Understand Correctly

Understanding is the key in many aspects of life. Most of the conflicts happen in this world are due to misunderstanding.When it comes to philosophies we ensure that we get the right sense of it. Else it would end up in an absolute mess. Once a Sage advised his disciples “All the living beings on this…

Hardships and Failures

Powerful Quotes #159 : Two Filters: Hardships & Failures

I don’t wish to be victorious without any failures and hardships. Because they filter out two important things in life. The first thing, it filters myself; makes me believe in myself and bring out the best in me – some day I’ll feel better I am worthy of the success. The second thing, it filters…


Powerful Quote #158 : Loopholes

When the system has many loopholes to escape and money can ease the access to loopholes, no matter how strict the laws are, no one can stop the Crimes! It’s not the laws that need a change, it’s we who need to change! – Din Image Courtesy: Found on Facebook

True Activists

Powerful Quote #157 : True Activists

There is a group of people who never get satisfied about life, never see the positive sides and never look for bettering the world, instead they make a living out of sensationalizing only the negative sides and call themselves also as Activists! A True Activists are the ones who enable the positivity and not the…


#Stop #Violence #Against #Children

Read these headlines first, In this week we have come across various such incidents around the globe. In Mumbai, India a man kills a 7 yr old girl who caught him stealing Rs.20, A 12-year-old Wisconsin girl was stabbed 19 times by her same aged friends 5-year-old’s penis chopped off in Uttar Pradesh, India for Peeing…


Short Story : My Name is Chocolate

‘My Name is Chocolate’ is a story about a naughty house cat and Parker his pal. When Parker returned home he saw all his project papers shredded, he got furious over it. Bad time for his two year old Chocolate! Yes, that’s his cat’s name. As usual, Chocolate sensed his return and rushed to the…

Man messing around

Powerful Quote #155 : Get Kicked :)

All around the Earth it is a simple process “one living being at a time, doing their own work”, regardless of the mess around, except for humans who just do the mess. Who knows? That might be our role to mess around and get kicked ;) – Din Image Courtesy : SupremeGoofyGoober

Was that me

Powerful Quote #154 : Was that Me?

We never know when life will make a twist, we don’t own anything but, our very own character. Never compromise it in any situation or for any one, else we will have to look back at a few moments with regret! “Was that Me?” – Din Image Courtesy : Some old Wallpaper on my PC…


Love All & Hate None

I have seen some extremes of living in my life so far. There were people who spend thousands of bucks for a miniscule bottle of perfume. There were people who sweat in the scorching sun for a 100 Rupee note. Farmers with a dream of sending their kids to those multi-floored colleges in the next town.…

Golden Difference

Powerful Quote #153 : The Difference

A worthy spiritual thought I have learnt is ‘the difference between a golden bar and a golden ornament can be external, but inside it’s just the same gold. The same applies to all living beings as well, the soul remains the same.’ Din

Blind Woman

Story : The Blind Angel

It was just another usual night, a few people were shopping in that mini-supermarket. But after that burglars entered everything changed. They took a little girl as hostage, what happened next? It was late hours in that night. “Closing Time in 15 minutes” they notified their customers in that mini-super market. Everyone stood aghast as…

Borrowed Inspiration

Borrowed Inspirations #1

Story: Tear Gas, A Pooch and his Thomas “Chaos everywhere!!! What happened to these humans? They are running here and there, beating one another!” the dog was so confused. “Here, look they are throwing stones at each other! Hey you man with the mask, Do you know where is my Thomas (the dog’s owner)” the…

Gift some Love

Story : Gift Some Love

“Hey, this will look awesome for you” he showed that lovely Knee Length Pink frock with flowers to her. “Look what I have selected for you!” she presented to him that cute Pants with braces in excitement. The twins have chosen dresses for each other from that large pile of donated clothes. They both are…

The rabbit Secret

Story: The Rabbit Secret

“There is the Rabbit, Stay still! Aim… 3… 2… 1… Fire” Boom! “Where are the bullets?, You idiot!” he shouted. “Here they are, sorry I forgot” There is no Rabbit. A single action can bring Bad Luck or Good Luck, the same can be an act of Stupidity or Intelligence. Sometimes we are lucky as the…


6 Pics for the 6th Sense : Pure Love

If you do something kind to anyone, knowing that they can’t do anything to you in return, then that is a pure Love. Rest all is fake, which fades along with money and time. – Din

The Gangnam Run

Story :) Oppan Gangnam Style

Laila was so nervous and tensed about her first appearance on TV as a news reporter. There goes the count, 3, 2, Go… “Good evening this is Laila…” Oppan Gangnam Style… Eh… Sexy Lady.. Op.. Op.. Op.. Oppan Gangnam style… The entire crew burst into laughter. :) “Oh.. Crap, they turned this into a blooper!…

Collective Selfishness2

Selfishness is Good : The Hidden Secret !

When our country wins a world cup match, be it Cricket or Soccer or any game, we all cherish when our respective nations win. We call ourselves patriots. :) Well, we are! Of course. When our state wins a league or our IPL team wins, we cherish their victory too! Then we call ourselves as…


Powerful Quote #149 : Unsold Thoughts of a Common Man

We don’t care about a great thought, if a common man makes it; but we fuss about some pointless words, if a celebrity makes it! We need to celebritize the Energizers more than the Entertainers for a better society! – Din