Help Roshini to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival

Roshni, a 8th Grade student from India is a winner of the 5th Arts Olympiad. She has been invited to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival in Washington on June 30th to July 4th.

She is a student of S.B.O.A School and Junior College, Annanagar, Chennai, has being participating in art contests since age 4. She has so far won 130 art contests (with proof of certificates) in school, state, national and international level art competitions. She had won the coveted National first prize (the first in Tamilnadu State) in Energy conservation painting contest in 2012 and received rupees one lakh from the Honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India. She has also been felicitated with the title of ‘Varnavarshini’ by the Lions club dist. 324 A5 in 2011. She was the winner of the HINDU Young World painting contest 2014 in junior category. The painting on the topic ‘MY FAVOURITE SPORT’ was selected as one of the winners in the 5TH Arts olympiad. For the past 3 years she is trained by art master Shri Mullai Rajan of Zen art classes, Chennai.

Unfortunately, the International Child Art Foundation ( is unable to sponsor the travel and staying expenses.

So it is time for us to support kids like Roshini with a little contribution from our end. We request you to donate / sponsor for Roshini to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival in Washington on June 30th to July 4th 2015. You can  also connect her with some NGOs who can help her in this regard.

You can contact Roshini’s mother here at Hope we together can bring her smile by helping her as well as to represent our country.

Some of her paintings…

DSCN1826 DSCN1828 Roshni-Art-Kerala-Tourism-7Jul2014

Insights : Life Lessons from Noah’s Ark


  1.  Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
  2.  Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone might ask you to do something REALLY big.
  3.  Don’t listen to critics, do what has to be done.
  4.  Build on high ground.
  5.  For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.
  6.  Two heads are better than one.
  7.  Speed isn’t always an advantage. The cheetahs were on board, but so were the snails.
  8.  If you can’t fight or flee, float!
  9.  Take care of your animals as if they were the last ones on earth.
  10.  Don’t forget that we’re all in the same boat.
  11.  When the doo-doo gets really deep, don’t sit there and complain shovel!!!
  12.  Stay below deck during the storm.
  13.  Remember that the ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic was built by professionals.
  14.  If you have to start over, have a friend by your side.
  15.  Remember that the woodpeckers INSIDE are often a bigger threat than the storm outside.
  16.  Don’t miss the boat. No matter how bleak it looks, there’s always a rainbow on the other side.

Tribute : Sam Berns (1996-2014)

We hope you must know him, inspirational Sam Berns. Though he lived short, he inspired many people to take life positive and happy.

lifeaccordingtosamSampson “Sam” Gordon Berns (October 23, 1996 – January 10, 2014) was an American who suffered from progeria and helped raise awareness about the disease.

He was the subject of the HBO documentary Life According to Sam is about one family’s courageous fight to save their only son from a rare and fatal disease, progeria. The average age of death from progeria is 13, there is no treatment, and no cure. Dr. Leslie Gordon and Dr. Scott Berns are set on changing this. When their son Sam, now 16 years old, was diagnosed with progeria at age two, doctors told Leslie and Scott to enjoy Sam while they could. They refused to believe this was the answer. In less than a decade, their advances have led to identifying the gene at fault, creating the first drug trials for treatment, and revealing the amazing discovery that progeria is linked to the aging process in all of us. – IMDB

In Memory of Sam Berns :

This is an excerpt from  (Whom Sam mentioned as his friend on the TEDEX Video above)

In a heartbreaking phone call from his parents, I learned of the death of Sam Berns, a courageous young man with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. Sam may have only lived 17 years, but in his short life he taught the rest of us a lot about how to live.

Sam’s parents, Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon, both physicians, introduced me to Sam more than a decade ago. At that time, no one knew the cause of this extremely rare disease that causes children to age at a dramatically accelerated pace, leading to death from heart attack or stroke at the average age of 13…

(click here to read the complete article)

His parents, Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon, both pediatricians, received their son’s diagnosis when he was less than two years of age. Roughly a year later, they established the Progeria Research Foundation in an effort to increase awareness of the condition, to promote research into the underlying causes of and possible treatments for the disease, and to offer resources for the support of sufferers and their families

Courtesy : A. Noah via YouTube,  , IMDB and Wikipedia.

Tribute : Maddie Tippett, 3 yr old Angel, passed away.

Our eyes will be filled with tears to know that this angel child is no more alive to smile at us. 9.5 million people who cherished her on youtube, will feel the pain in their soul. You have given us smiles Maddie, but where are you now? 😦

Maddie Tippett, from Newcastle, Australia, became an instant Internet sensation after going toe-to-toe with her father whose YouTube video attracted more than nine million views online after her father posted it in January 2012. He was trying to trick her into saying she loves him more than her mother. During the two-minute video, called ‘Who’s Your Favourite?’, her father Mick attempts every trick in the book to get his three-year-old daughter to say she loves him more than Mum – but the cheeky and clever wit from the youngster leaves her father sighing at his repeated failed attempts.

Tragically, Maddie died suddenly on Feb 2014 after displaying ‘cold-like symptoms’. Her parents took her to the GP, who told them it was nothing more than a virus. But when Maddie’s condition worsened that night, her parents quickly rushed her to John Hunter Hospital – where doctors discovered two strands of the common cold had taken hold and one of them was attacking her heart.

Mr Tippett said the virus was ‘too much’ for his little girl and she ‘conked out’ a short time later. Maddie’s mother Kerryn said despite their unspeakable grief, they would take heart knowing their little girl brought so much joy to the world through her YouTube video.

‘Part of me feels that Maddie was meant to change the world and I feel sad that she didn’t get the chance, But then I think in 10 years’ time someone will be having a bad day at the office and sit down and click on that video and it will cheer them up. That will be her legacy.’ Maddie’s mother told. 

Courtesy – Excerpts from Daily Telegraph

Tribute : Major Mukund Varadharajan

The body of Indian Army Major Mukund Varadarajan, who was died during an encounter with militants in Shopian area of Kashmir on Friday (25th April 2014), was cremated today with full state honours

Major Mukund (1)Indhu Rebecca Varghese, wife of the martyred Army officials used to Facebook to share her feelings.

There lived a man who loved me with all his heart…

There lived a man who fathered my child….

There lived a man who believed in integrity….

There lived a man who loved his profession….

There lived a man who never feigned to be a hero….

There lived a man who was my soul….

There lived a man with a heart full of generosity…Major Mukund (6)

There lived a man who revealed all to me….

There lived a man who loved me with his life…..

But I wait…..

for he is with god..

I know this for sure..

One day I will meet him…

I know this for sure…

And he will give me that warm strong hug of his

I know this for sure…

And I will not complain that I can’t breath

I know this for sure

You can hug me..hug me all you want….

– Courtesy: Facebook account of Indhu Rebecca Varghese



Major Mukund Varadarajan (31), who was killed in an encounter with militants in South Kashmir, was just another lad from Selaiyur, proud to have studied in the Madras Christian College and working in a call centre until the time came for him to chase his childhood dream of joining the defence forces.

His father R Varadarajan, a retired bank manager, recalled his son, the youngest of three siblings, telling him at the tender age of six that he wanted to join the forces after having been inspired by his uncles already in the defence forces.

An alumni of Officers Training Academy, the Major was posted in various locations including Jammu, Kashmir, Mhow cantonment in Indore as a lecturer in the infantry school and as part of the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon for a year before being posted in Shopian in December 2012. “I remember him telling me when he was in Class III that he wanted to join the forces. After graduating in journalism, he studied diploma in MCC only because he wanted to study there. He worked in a call centre for a month before passing the SSB, though I encouraged him to study MBA,” recalled his father. A proud Army Major who knew the perils of his job, Mukund never used to tell his family about his injuries. “But we knew about his job. Once a bullet grazed him. But he never told us,” he added.

“But we knew about his job. Once a bullet grazed him. But he never told us because he thought it would scare us. When I asked him after seeing the injury, he simply said ‘Even if you walk on the road, you can die of an accident’,” Varadarajan recalled.

Having visited his parents in January, Mukund wanted to pay his wife Indu, who was living in the military quarters in Bangalore along with their 3-year-old daughter Arshea, a surprise visit on May 1.

“We sent him a message on Whatsapp wishing him on his birthday on April 12. He replied saying he was busy. When he last called me, he said he was planning to avail of leave for a week for his daughter’s surgery and told me not to tell his wife as he wanted to it to be a surprise. But now, he has given us a surprise,” Varadarajan said with tears in his eyes.

Mukund’s family members said it was through a relative in Dubai, who first saw the news of the Major’s death online, that they got to know the news. “Then I called his phone. Someone picked up and hung up. His brother-in-law again attempted and got through and we were informed about his demise,” Varadarajan said and added that Mukund’s mortal remains are likely to be brought to Chennai late on Sunday evening.

Mukund Varadarajan, who passed out of the OTA in 2004, is survived by his parents, R Varadarajan and Geetha Varadarajan, sisters Swetha and Nithya, wife Indu and daughter Arshea.

– Courtesy : New Indian Express

We are short of words to describe this. There are many Mukunds out there in the border, risking their life and their families’ happiness and future. Not for themselves, but for every Indian, including those corrupt, selfish and careless b******* rascals who ruin the country from within. We beg and request every responsible citizen to think, and value their lives and sacrifice. Our every little effort to live a meaningful, righteous and peaceful life is all the dream of every soldier. Let us give them that. Be Responsible! Be United as Indians! JAI HIND!

We Salute you Major with tears in the heart.

Courtesy : Google and, gaurav.wavhal