Know : 10 Reasons for Anyone to Believe in Karma!

KarmaThere is a common saying “Oh! Isn’t karma a bitch” that has become very popular in modern culture and is used too frequently in context with karma. But the people who really think that karma is something dreadful haven’t really figured out how it actually works. Many people think that karma is just a law that forces you to be good all the time because if you are bad then karma will come and take revenge.

This is the way many religions preach morality with the threat of an impending hell for wrongdoers. But karma is not that simple. It is a much bigger concept than that. Read on to know the top 10 reasons why karma is not a bitch…

1. In very simplified terms karma is the law of cause and effect. For every effect there is something that caused it and it in turns becomes a cause for some other effect. The cycle continues and karma states that bad actions become causes for further bad actions while good actions become causes of good effects. Such a law can never be a bitch because it acts impersonally all the time.

2. Karma is unbiased. Picture this – a great man also has some bad karma and an evil man may have a little bit of good karma. Karma is not partial to anyone. Your every good deed will be rewarded, but similarly, your every bad deed will be punished. There’s nothing bitchy about that.

3. A lot of people think of karma as bad but karma can be good too. As stated the previous slide, good actions lead to good karma and positive rewards. If you help someone in need it will come back to you one day when you are in need. The perception that karma is a tool for punishing the bad is completely absurd.

4. Karma is not revenge either. A lot of people think that if someone has hurt them then karma should take revenge from that person. They want that person to get hurt and suffer and when that doesn’t happen they feel that karma does not exist at all. Remember that karma is not going to take a revenge for you. The person who has hurt you has earned bad karma and it will affect him in the end but it won’t be done to satisfy you or make you feel good.

5. When karma comes back to whatever we sent out, it’s not always obvious especially to others. It’s not like if someone has hurt you then in a few weeks they will get hurt too. It’s not that simple. You might not even realize from outside that the person is suffering but at a very deep level karma will be doing its job.

6. One amazing way of looking at Karma is thinking of it as a balance sheet for our actions. All bad actions go in one column and all good ones in another column. If your bad actions exceed the good ones you are in debt and will receive bad karma but if your good actions are more than your bad ones you’ll receive good karma.

7. Karma is the same thing as the old-age saying “as you sow so shall you reap”. It is a simple reminder that you must behave with others in the same way as you want others to behave with you. If you are rude to everyone you can’t expect others to be nice to you. You should use karma to guide your actions and not think of it as a bitch.

8. Karma is not a bitch, rather it is a moral compass. It should be used to guide your actions. If you know something is wrong, don’t do it just because it seems easy. The wrong things are always easier to do. The shortcut has been never worthwhile taking. Do the hard but right thing.

9. Think about it – How can karma be a bitch if good karma brings positivity to your life? A bitch is always a bitch but karma can be both good and bad depending on how you are and what actions you take. So be good and do the right things and let karma take care of the rest.

10. Someone has very well said that Karma is like a mirror. If you go around hurting people and earning bad karma then of course it’s going to seem like a bitch to you. But try being good for a change and earn some good karma and then see if it still is a bitch. Trust me, it won’t be.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Feeling good to know it helped you in some way.

      Wish you a Happy new year and wish you to have a peaceful moments filled with smiles ahead.

      I just suggest one simple thing “It’s always inside out – We can change our world if we can change ourselves inside”. Have a wonderful life 🙂


  1. Excellent post. Very well and appropriately stated.
    Some where read: One of the most significant instructional references to Karma elicits from
    Bhagavad-Gita since Gita states that One has the Right only to work, but not
    to the fruits there of..
    Thus why worry over something over which one has no control? Detaching from
    the burden of anxiety over the impending result not only frees one from
    mental stress but also enables to devote with calm and peaceful concentration
    to the matter at hand.

                                  Evidently never Karma be Bitch.


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