Amazing Kids : Kinshuk and Kaamya

Kinshuk and Kaamya

A jack of all trades may be a master of none, but nothing stops one to become a master of all trades. Not all who’ve achieved excellence in their respective fields are born with talents. But they all nurtured their interests with consistent efforts and perseverance. That is how an interest becomes a talent.

Kinshuk Apoorv Agrawal (17) and Kaamya Apoorv Agrawal (8), the super sisters from “The Oxford of the East” – Pune, India are mastering their talents with numerous achievements and accolades. Abacus, Archery, Art, Calligraphy, Cricket, Cubing, Digital Painting, Mental Maths, National Level Talent Awards, Painting, Poster Making, Robotics, Shloka Recitation, Singing, Skating, Speech Contest, Spell-bee, Yoga and Writing are the few of the many areas they have explored so far. Kinshuk studies at Elpro International school and Kaamya does her schooling at GK Gurukul in the same city.

Kinshuk has won 163+ medals and the little one, Kaamya has won 124+ medals to their tally.

“The discovery of Kinshuk’s talents began at the tender age of 3”, says her mom, Mrs. Jyoti Agrawal. She shared that she saw the artistic skill of their elder daughter when she tried making geometric shapes to perfection.

The younger one Kaamya is no way inferior in her talents and she exhibited an outstanding mental math skills when she was too old to calculate.

Is it difficult to learn a myriad of stuffs? Kinshuk and Kaamya exclaimed a big ‘NO’, as they are the ones who choose their zone of interest, it’s always a fun to learn.

“When you love something, you will enjoy doing it and  you spend proportionate time for it”, says Kinshuk.

Not all, but many kids struggle to juggle between the academics and non-scholastic interests. Because, kids in India spend one third of the day in the school. Rest of the time they spend in routine travel, home works, tuition and stuffs. Hardly they get the time to think out of the box.

“Less the school time, more the kids can spend on developing their non-scholastic skills and interests”, advises the mother of the super kids. She believes that gaining mere marks do not make the kids very smart. The real smartness is when they succeed in exhibiting their natural talents.

She insists that parents should spend quality time with kids in bringing out their interests.

The duo excel in extracurricular stuffs but it doesn’t mean that they are dull at studies. The scholastic performance is also a cakewalk for these kids.

Being a topper keeps me happy but it doesn’t prove my abilities distinctly. I search for excellence beyond academics. – says Kinshuk, the scholarship holder for being a 10th CBSE board topper.

Kaamya added her perspective to her sister’s, that she does not like spending more time at school. But still she’s a top ranker at her class!

“Only a collaborative learning environment enables the kids to learn better. As the knowledge is shared, it is always a constructive process. We get new ideas and those help us stay innovative through the collective knowledge that we gain together”, says their  Mom.

Competition may drive the kids to win. But, a collaborative learning can guide them to focus on learning before winning.

Tips for Parents to make their children excel:

Mrs. Jyoti Agrawal suggests that along with love and warmth to their kids, parents should take the responsibility in building their self-esteem and humane values. She instilled that comparing the kids with fellow kids would always hit their morale and depress them.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education”, she restated.

Physical punishments and yelling at the kids would do no magic. But loving, treasuring and nurturing them along with good values would make them feel unique and positive. Eventually, that would do wonders.

Expect them to learn at will. Expect them to participate, not to win. Victory would fall in place someday.

Minimize the gadgets time if you want your kids to focus on themselves.

Though accessible, Kinshuk is not fond of mobile phone and uses only for online classes. The younger one Kaamya, restricts herself to use mobile for a limited time per day.

For their Mom, taking care of the kids’ health is the top priority. They avoid junk foods, cut oily items and outside food and ensures eating on time.

Other routines are drinking plenty of water, adding nuts to their breakfast. She adds that the morning food plays a vital role in supplying the necessary nutrition. The children should never skip that.

Mrs. Jyoti in fact feeds creativity. Have a look at some of her daily culinary presentations as her kids would love it that way.

When asked about their career plans, the kids had no second thoughts. Kinshuk replied, “I want to be a designer and preparing to join NID or IIT”. The younger one sounded so innocent but gave a clear answer. Here it is, “I wish to be so many, from an artist to an author to a teacher to an astronaut and why not a pilot!”, smiled. “I’m 8 and I have more time to decide a career”, said Kaamya

Kids like Kinshuk and Kaamya have got a supportive environment, yet not undermining their skills. It is their efforts and hard work which earned them the success. Kinshuk has come across struggles in other ways like lack of support from her school at initial stages. The approach of the school changed when they started seeing the kid make winning a habit at co-curricular activities.

Kaamya’s school is very supportive through all her walks so far. Hope they are grooming more kids like her.

Most credits go to their parents. They thank their mom and dad for imparting good values, boosting up their morale and for spreading positivity around them.

The opportunity to explore gives the chance to know what is out there to learn. When we limit the kids with the academic opportunities, we curtail their unknown abilities.

We, at Propel Steps share the talents like Kaamya and Kinshuk. Thus, creating an opportunity for parents and kids to explore their talents beyond their classroom and marks.

Let us not turn the kids into bookworms!

Let us help them fly colourful like butterflies!

No talent should be belittled. A pat on shoulders could mean a lot to the kids. That is why we appreciate the talents, but never gauge them. If you know any kid whose talents need an appreciation, kindly let us know here

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  1. It’s so good to read about the kids who are so clear in their thoughts.My good wishes to Kinshuk and Kaamya for a sparkling future. Kudos to parents for nurturing their talents and giving them proper guidance.


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