Commercialization of Education : Why?

The education system has been viewed so narrow, in such a way that if  we invest money, the consumer pays money to us and we take our profits. No.

This theory will not work with the education system. The cycle does not end here.

Any nation that educates its young generation for the sole  purpose to make them eligible to contribute to the national / social progress, can be sure that simultaneously they can take care of their self too. So the real profit comes only when the students learn and starts contributing, when he starts earning. The real return on investment will be the taxes paid by the educated, when he/she earns profit in his business / occupation.

Unfortunately there is no room for patience and a holistic perspective now. The Educators want returns immediately and there is a sense of irresponsibility on how the educated will contribute. Most of the searches end where the opportunity for money goes. This paradigm shift caused two barriers.

  • Most of the Private Educators focus only their returns on investment and more profit.
  • As far as the government institutions are concerned, the investor is the government, there is lethargy in common to deliver quality of education. They don’t mind profit as long as they are salaried by the government. As the government knows they can’t expect profit from their institutions, there is a perspective towards those institutions as mere liabilities.

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-Words by Din

5 thoughts on “Commercialization of Education : Why?

  1. our institutions and educators themselves promote settling down and working for other countries … they charge hefty and make students who can compete on world level and be consumed in America or Australia or any European country ..
    In India , no matter what topic you pick up base is money !! Knowledge has become source of filthy earning ..


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