Know : Prostitution: Legality in Countries & Consequences

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– 10 million children worldwide are engaged in some facet of the sex industry. Each year at least one million children, mostly girls, become prostitutes

– In Thailand, 10-12 year old girls service men in the sex industry. They typically have sex with men 10-15 times daily and sometimes as many as 20-30

– In South Africa, there are 40,000 child prostitutes

– Children are more susceptible to HIV and other STDs

100 Countries and Their Prostitution Legality:

Legal in 50 (50%)Limited Legality in 11 (11%)Illegal in 39 (39%); Total: 100 (100%)
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Albania
  3. Angola
  4. Antigua and Barbuda
  5. Argentina
  6. Armenia
  7. Australia
  8. Austria
  9. Bahamas
  10. Bangladesh
  11. Barbados
  12. Belgium
  13. Belize
  14. Bolivia
  15. Brazil
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Cambodia
  18. Canada
  19. Chile
  20. China (including Taiwan)
  21. Colombia
  22. Costa Rica
  23. Croatia
  24. Cuba
  25. Cyprus
  1. Czech Republic
  2. Denmark
  3. Dominica
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. Ecuador
  6. Egypt
  7. El Salvador
  8. Estonia
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Grenada
  15. Guatemala
  16. Guyana
  17. Haiti
  18. Honduras
  19. Hungary
  20. Iceland
  21. India
  22. Indonesia
  23. Iran
  24. Iraq
  25. Ireland
  1. Israel
  2. Italy
  3. Jamaica
  4. Japan
  5. Jordan
  6. Kenya
  7. Korea, North
  8. Korea, South
  9. Kyrgyzstan
  10. Latvia
  11. Liberia
  12. Lithuania
  13. Luxembourg
  14. Malaysia
  15. Malta
  16. Mexico
  17. Netherlands
  18. New Zealand
  19. Nicaragua
  20. Norway
  21. Panama
  22. Paraguay
  23. Peru
  24. Philippines
  25. Poland
  1. Portugal
  2. Romania
  3. Rwanda
  4. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  5. Saint Lucia
  6. Saint Vincent and Grenadines
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Senegal
  9. Singapore
  10. Slovakia
  11. Slovenia
  12. South Africa
  13. Spain
  14. Suriname
  15. Sweden
  16. Switzerland
  17. Thailand
  18. Trinidad and Tobago
  19. Turkey
  20. Uganda
  21. United Arab Emirates
  22. United Kingdom(including Scotland)
  23. United States
  24. Uruguay
  25. Venezuela

What happens when you legalize Prostitution?

We’ve said it time and time again, that legalizing the sex trade only makes sex trafficking easier.

As much as this makes sense, you’ll find plenty of people arguing from the other side.

They claim that legalizing prostitution is about better conditions for prostitutes and benefit societies general health regarding disease control. They claim that it keeps the women safe, as women must be treated like employees with all the benefits.

But it’s all lies.

Treating prostitution like a victimless crime is a bad road to go down. It only leads to death and destructions.

Just ask the Dutch.

They’ve legalized prostitution, drug use and euthanasia. Surprise, surprise, we find their culture booming with sex, drugs and death. It was all about “regulation” and “safety,” but those were just ideas and excuses to wonder into a cultural train wreck. Now what are they suppose to do?

“Twelve years on, and we can now see the results of this experiment. Rather than afford better protection for the women, it has simply increased the market. Rather than confine the brothels to a discrete (and avoidable) part of the city, the sex industry has spilled out all over Amsterdam — including on-street. Rather than be given rights in the ‘workplace’, the prostitutes have found the pimps are as brutal as ever. The government-funded union set up to protect them has been shunned by the vast majority of prostitutes, who remain too scared to complain.

Pimps, under legalization, have been reclassified as managers and businessmen. The abuse suffered by the women is now called an ‘occupational hazard’, like a stone dropped on a builder’s toe. Sex tourism has grown faster in Amsterdam than the regular type of tourism: as the city became the brothel of Europe, women have been imported by traffickers from Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia to meet the demand. In other words, the pimps remained but became legit — violence was still prevalent but part of the job, and trafficking increased. Support for the women to leave prostitution became almost nonexistent. The innate murkiness of the job has not been washed away by legal benediction.”

And the drum beats on. It’s hard to turn back once you’ve legalized prostitution.

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