Simplified : Individual’s Career, Society & Educational System

In this article, I tried to magnify how an individual’s ambition affects and has its effects on the society as the whole, how educational system plays a role in it and how we can do our best? This will be like exploring the maze, one will lead to another and another will lead you to the same place where you’ve began. I tried my best to simplify the complexity.

“Your mind is there, where your treasure is!”

Now a days, for most of us the treasure is Money and Happiness to thyself. Sad, but the truth. So our career-ambitions are also in the direction towards money. We hardly associate our happiness with other things than money.

Much needed one

Much needed one

This is the reason why there is a tilt towards particular occupations like Medicine, Engineering, Business have occurred. This is the reason for the bias. We value some passion as good and some as bad, on the basis of what money it can return to us if we pursue it. Instead of money seeking out for excellence, we let excellence seeking out for money. Who will do agriculture? Who will study about plants? Who will teach our kids? there are many questions left with horrible answers like “Agriculture may perish!” “We may not have a suitable environment for Plants in Earth!”,  “Best brains, have gone to earn money, so we may have only teachers with poor brains!”. Horrible isn’t it? We have time to change this from happening. So, keep this point aside and let’s see what we are doing.

"Your mind is there, where your treasure is!"

So when our mind is focussed passionately can we get the treasure we want? A career we love? Well, not without the fight!

What stops one person from chasing his ambition?

First of all, do they really get an opportunity to find their right ambition?



If you are in a country like India, you cannot just choose to pursue what you are passionate about and follow your dream. Not just in India, in many countries the scenario is the same.

The Education system plays the pivot role. It is the epicenter of everything that happens in a country. When the education system is good, one gets all the opportunities to explore and find the true interests. The career chart will be wide and there will be scope for any talent. However, the educational system of a country like India is not up to the mark on a holistic scale. We have already posted our critical analysis about the Indian educational system, it’s flaws and ways to overcome it.

It is like wishing someone a pleasant drive, knowing that the road ahead is full of potholes. So, goes the academic learning journey on a bad educational system (road).

First hand, a bad educational system takes away the opportunity to explore or limits you choosing only with options in their menu. That itself is the biggest problem.

For instance, Indian education system classifies careers in a hierarchy from best to worst. Medical and Engineering, as you all know are considered as premium choice and the rating scale scores a lesser marks to other careers.

Our students are forced to think on this hierarchy and if someone wants to be an artist, he/she need to have a lot of courage to face the society’s rejection. The pressure on any different career option is always high.

In depth look at this reveals many factors ranking system, mark based career options, comparison of student marks, money-centric education, etc. which we have analysed earlier. (please click here to read the critiques on Indian Educational System)

So, here just look at the individual’s perspective. Let’s see what we can do best with what we have got. You cannot wait for the entire educational system to be repaired and change good. So that cannot stop you from achieving what you want. In fact, nothing can stop you, of course, there are limitations like money, cost of education, if such things are appropriately handled one can go ahead with his/her dream career. Just need to fight something, for some its money for some its family, for some it may be some other difficulty.

child Head“Whatever you do, you have no future if you do it for the sake! Whatever you do, you have a bright future if you do it with passion” – this is the trick of the trade.

One important thing we all should know is, every career has an obligation to the society. We are not working for ourselves alone, we are in fact contributing to the society. So whatever you do, impacts the future. If you choose a career, which least bothers about Environment, then you are actually making a wrong choice. Maybe you can earn well but you are putting our entire future generations at stake.

There is a level of social responsibility involved in every career and every occupation. That is something we all need to understand. We know that we have not realized it completely, the links among inter-careers are yet to be linked. We are still exploring. But our potentials are immense, look at the way we have developed in the last century!

All we need to do is, look things as whole. The world works as a society of societies. Alone we perish. We need to make interlinked careers, sustainable work mechanisms and let individual’s contribution reaches the society.

So, as of now in this half processed system, all we can do is just one thing. Choose, any career you want, pursue it to achieve excellence and always have the social responsibility. Rest of the things will fall in place. We will better the world every day.


Courtesy : Written following a prompt #TrueDreamsPassion on Indiblogger by Shashank Tiwari

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7 thoughts on “Simplified : Individual’s Career, Society & Educational System

  1. Very well written Dinesh..logical and well summarized… 🙂


  2. Social Responsibility & Sustainability def need of an hour. It’s wonderful post Dinesh.
    Good Wishes.


  3. A logical interpretation, liked it, found it interesting


  4. Very logically put forward points….things to ponder upon..


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